Otzi the Iceman is the very renowned 5,300 year old mummified man discovered in the Italian Alps in 1991. He has been under intense scrutiny ever since. Previously it had been established that at the time of his death he had wounds to an eye, hand and shoulder (which had been penetrated by an arrow that hit a main artery). Although it had been thought that the arrow killed him It had also been thought that he did not die immediately from the wounds. Now it has been discovered that he also had severe head trauma at the time of his death. It is thought that this head trauma resulted either from having received a blow from an aggressor or from having fallen after sustaining the other injuries. In addition to the arrow wound the head trauma is thought to have been severe enough to have killed him. In any case it seems that he came to a violent end. Per the article:


Either the man’s killer gave Ötzi the final whack, possibly by hitting him with a stone, or he could have fallen over backwards and hit his head on a rock, the researchers concluded.




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Thanks for this update and the collection of links. I will enjoy reading them. Sounds like a gruesome end. 


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