According to the Social Security Administration the most popular male baby name in the US for 2013 was Noah. Per the article:


In 2013, for the first time since 1960, a new name unseated Michael or Jacob as the most popular for newborn boys. That's according to the Social Security Administration, which releases the list of most popular baby names each year. The new king's name? Noah.


To me that is almost unbelievable.

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Well, it's been a somewhat-uncommon name for years.  I guess that the upcoming movie had it on people's minds a lot more.  I can see a big jump in frequency, but going all the way to #1 is a bit crazy.

There are cities in otherwise atheist/ christian Britain where the most commonly registered boys name is now Mohammed (allowing for variant spellings). 

Must have been a flood of parents to get that on the birth certificate. 

It is common for the first son of Muslim parents to be named after the epileptic 7th-century camel caravan leader who spoke of having met Archangel Gabriel during the fits. 

I take it you're referring to the illiterate pedophile that had grand mal seizures.

Interesting.  I just ran through the first and middle names my mormon parents gave us 6 children.  To the best of my knowledge, not one is a bible name or even a Book of Mormon name.

That's probably because even though they were believers, they weren't radical.

Its a good strong name. now whilst the Bible is attached to it depending on your demographics it could help or harm you. in the bible belt it would be very popular.




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