The U.S. Navy has supposedly found a cheap way to make fuel (that may be used in internal combustion engines) out of seawater. The fuel is manufactured in liquid form and the cost of producing it is supposedly only $6 per gallon. Supposedly it may be processed into anything from gasoline to jet fuel. Per the first article:


....The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory’s (NRL) Materials Science and Technology Division announced Monday that it had already flown a radio-controlled replica of a World War II plane using hydrocarbon fuel made from seawater....Fuel produced this way would cost an estimated $3-6 per gallon, the NRL says, and could be commercially viable within the next seven to ten years with proper funding and partnerships....


Per the second article:


....Hydrocarbons of various lengths underlie just about every major fuel source today, from the gasoline you put in your car to the jet fuel that powers an SR-71 Blackbird. As a result, this technology has the enormous advantage of producing fuel that is usable by current engines, with no need for modification....

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