Fossil remains suggest Neanderthal and modern humans may have interbred in East Asia 100,000 years ago. This would put modern humans there 60,000 years earlier than previously thought. Other possibilities are that they interbred elsewhere and the resulting mixed species migrated or passed their genes through intermediate populations to East Asia.

Trinkaus and his team now believe that after anatomically modern humans first emerged in equatorial Africa, they either began to disperse into Asia 102,000 to 130,000 years ago, or gene flow through populations caused their biology to wind up in South China during the Late Pleistocene.

The fossils -- a chin and related teeth -- belonged to a modern human that also featured more robust Neanderthal-type characteristics...

The results have been published in the latest Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences.

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I have my own theory regarding the fate of Neanderthal man.
I think that he was gradually pushed back(By Homo Sapiens) through Europe and Asia till he wound up in Australia.Then the land bridge disappeared leaving him isolated for 60,000 yrs till the second wave of humans arrived and interbred and out competed the last of the true full blood neanderthals(about 6,000 yrs ago.)The Aussie Aborigines have physical traits that seem very neanderthal , especially a fleshy nose (designed to warm air in a cold climate)and prominent eyebrow ridges etc.I do not mean to put down the aboriginal race because I think the neanderthal was probably a better specimen of the homo species than Sapiens is.He was physically superior and actually had a larger brain.It was his sedentary lifestyle which led to his downfall.The arrival of nomadic hunters that kill or scare off ALL the game in an area then move on,leaving nothing for those who stay put was what drove the final nails into their coffin.(The use of fire as a weapon for hunting by early humans is well documented and it leaves nothing for later)It's a technique later adopted by neanderthals so they could survive in Australia,along with the nomadic lifestyle learnt through their long forced march through Europe and Asia.
It was just bad luck that he couldn't handle both climate change and the competiion from Homo Sapiens.
Well thats my theory in a nutshell.I would like to see if it holds up under the scrutiny of my peers...
Is this anything like breeding a donkey and a mule?


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