This is a LOL and a real story; a sad one with a happy ending I hope.


Right now I'm looking after an alcoholic neighbour. This person has the DTs (bad) and is about at death's door - the whole estate is gunning for them.


Funny how all these Christians around me have shunned this human being and the biggest goddam atheist in the area - the only one who actually admits to it - is the only one prepared to help!


I don't want a medal - but, by god, I'm going to slap these bastards with the truth if I get this person through this.



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Christians in name only. Continue to be good for goodness sake because we can.


I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

       - Mohandas Gandhi

Good for you.  I hope he makes it through.

Good luck to both of you!


Proof that good humans do exist.  Thanks.


Maybe because you're truly human, and they're not? Keep up the good work, sweetie -- and know you're appreciated! :-)

ther so judgemental its sickening........

Some Christians are only nice when you are doing what they want or asking for forgiveness from God for all your "sins". As atheists/humanists we are compelled to help because we know it's the right thing to do. Thanks for being a stand up kind of guy! Hope your friend gets better.
x2 You are only capable of goodness when it fits into their narrow worldview... Morality and religion rarely coexist.

Does anyone need Xian morality more than the typical Xian?


Hello Marco


. . ."but, by god", . . . Coming from an atheist, even if you don't mean it, is something I can't quite understand.  I know it's just an expression whose meaning infers that the person saying it has a strong commitment. However, I wouldn't have to think twice about using it. How could you have overlooked it? However, if you meant to use the expression in some ironic way, well then maybe that's OK. What did you mean?


Recently in an email I used the word "blessed" in connection with the healthy genes I've inherited. I qualified its use by indicating in parentheses that I didn't mean it in any religious sense. 


Whatcha think?




I think it would be lots of fun to think up a dictionary for atheists/agnostics of words to substitute for religious cliches. "By Jove" works as well as "by god" for me, because I believe in neither of them, and "by Jove" has a nice Renaissance sound to it. Or maybe "by all that is within me" (think about that!) -- I dunno, but I think all the creative minds on here could really come up with a picturesque stack of words! And instead of "blessed", I would say "grateful" because I'm not specifying who or what I'm grateful to -- just "the luck"!
I am not sure why some atheists feel the nee to shun perfectly good expressions because it mentions something non-existent.  So what?  I am not going to change the way I express myself just because I am an atheist.  Do these atheists agree with theists who claim that the founding fathers were Christian because they ended there letters with "In the year of out lord".



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