Nazca lines are enormous animal and geometric figures carved in the landscape that are so large they can only be seen in context from the air. They are thought to have been created by the Nazca Indian civilization that existed in Southwest Peru beginning about 2100 years ago. The lines are supposed to have been part of ancient rituals. Previously undiscovered lines have just been detected near other ones in Southwest Peru by a researcher who flew over the area after a sandstorm. Per the article:


One of the newly discovered geoglyphs is the shape of a snake -- about 200 feet long -- and is located near the well-known hummingbird drawing (pictured above.) Other new finds include a bird, what looks like a llama and zig-zag lines, reports

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I've always been fascinated with these "ground drawings."  They were always  huge topic of conversation in the 1970's during the UFO craze.  They must have been created by aliens. They would happen to be the only entity to be able to appreciate them from the sky. 

On the other hand........I would imagine that one person, or a group of people, decided on a design which was then created on a small scale - perhaps several feet square - on the ground.  Then, using some measurement as a unit of length, multiplied the small image on a grand scale.  It sounds rather simplistic, really.  No need for help from extra-terrestrials.  After all, these people had already build massive stone pyramids centuries earlier.  They certainly had the skills and execute such projects.  

I suspect the hardest part about making the Nazca lines for them was deciding which images were important enough to display for their god in the sky.    

I always heard it more as an argument for UFOs because of why they did something like this, rather than any technical requirement.  The UFO nuts never explain how they make the jump from, "These people think their gods fly around in the sky, and they're trying to talk to their gods," all the way to "There were things flying around in the sky reading what the Nazcas wrote."

Anyway, you know that the UFOs built the pyramids too, man.  Stop pretending.




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