Brazil has confirmed that another (the 15th) uncontacted Indian tribe has recently been discovered living in the Amazon near the border of Brazil and Peru. It consists of approximatlely 200 members who live in four thatch roofed buildings and grow corn, bananas and peanuts. This brings the total known uncontacted Amazon Indians to about 2,000. The Brazil National Indian Foundation estimates that there are as many as 68 uncontacted Indian tribes living in the Amazon.

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They must constantly rape and kill each other since they don't have the booble for a moral compass.
Yeah, and I bet many of them are even having sex, without first being properly married by a Christian priest.  That's even worse.  Remember, rape isn't so bad, as long as you stone the girl for adultery, afterward.
You may rest assured that that priests and missionaries of all sorts will be petitioning the Brazilian government to allow them to bring the comforts and wonders of civilization to these people. I do hope that the government doesn't weaken. From the evidence of other small tribes which have been contacted, murder and rape follow on shortly after the missionaries.
So true.  So sad. It is amazing that tribes like that still exist.  Good thing the missionaries will probably have access at some point so they can fuck them up the way they have fucked everything else up.
I'm amazed that we still have places in the world that are outside of our globalisation. Amazing that they are living without much technology. I wonder what their heritage is? Are they pure Indigenous from the out of Africa lot, or did they mix with the Portuguese or Spanish when they arrived? What language do they speak? Does it have any Portuguese or Spanish in there.

I read a book about Indigenous Australians found up the coast of Western Australia. They were different to other Indigenous groups in the area. They had different traditions, and they built small shelters like mud brick houses. When their language was analysed it was found to have many differences and could be linked to Dutch. It was found that there were a few Dutch ship wrecks on that coast about 400 years ago, one of them a number of sailors where said to have survived.

Something similar may have happened in Brazil.
I heard that some so called uncontacted tribes had early contact with Europeans and rejected it. There is an interesting question at hand regarding them. It is whether it would be for their own good for us to impose ourselves on them or for their own good to leave them to their own cultures.

I wonder this too.  My scientist side tends to think all knowledge is good, and that it would be wrong to not let them in on the news that a big world exists beyond theirs.  But then I envision potential disaster. 


In reality, I suspect the church will figure out a way to get to them.  The power of the zombie jesus will compel them.

Missionaries would certainly establish substantial contacts with them if we imposed ourselves and this is enough to deter me from wishing doing so. Were it not for this I'm really not sure what would be better for them.
It is fun (and tragic) to imagine that the missionaries will possibly find that the tribe has some sort of superstition/religion already going on, and they will so quickly dismiss it by exposing the natives to science, while they just give them a different (and and almost certainly more cruel) story on superstition/religion to follow.  Oh, the irony.
Yea....I'm for leaving them alone.
I hope as technology progresses we can study them remotely unbeknownst to them. A lot more can be learned about primitive societies with traditions that have existed for hundreds or thousands of years. I wonder what type of society they have along with other relations? Patriarchal, matriarchal , monogamy, polygamy, polyamory? The best thing we can do for them is to not disturb their way of life my making them aware of outsiders, the potential for viral outbreak is huge too if that should happen.




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