Researchers at MIT have developed a new way to genetically treat diseases that are caused by a single defective gene. The new procedure is cheaper and more simple than any other to date. Moreover, it can cure diseases with only one treatment. It has been successfully used on mice but has not yet been tested on humans. Per the article:


 …."What's exciting about this approach is that we can actually correct a defective gene in a living adult animal," says Daniel Anderson, the Samuel A. Goldblith Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT….Scientists have developed other gene-editing systems based on DNA-slicing enzymes, also known as nucleases, but those complexes can be expensive and difficult to assemble…. "We can do a one-time treatment and totally reverse the condition," says Hao Yin, a postdoc at the Koch Institute and one of the lead authors of the Nature Biotechnology paper [March 30, 2014 issue] ….


I really wish this type of research would be put on a faster track especially since I’m 67 years old. I would be willing to bet it would find a lot of funding if a version of the treatment could be used to reverse baldness.

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This type of "search-and-replace" in place sounds very promising! I'm a bit younger, but still hope we'll be able to treat diseases with something like this in humans within our lifetime.

Sounds very promising!  I also would like to see it put on a fast track, because I'm 72.

As a man who has a 'special needs scalp' I sympathize with you completely.

Thanks for the moral support Grinning Cat and at least the rest of us are maintaining a sense of humor.

In the words of Peter Griffin... "WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS!?!?!"

... because it makes the baby Jesus cry.




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