New Zealand has released 2,000 pages of documents associated with investigations of UFO's going back to 1952. It has followed several other countries in so doing including the UK which released 6,000 pages of such documents earlier this year. It is speculated that WikiLeaks is going to release UFO investigation documents in the near future. The newspaper, The Dominion Post, has published the New Zealand documents online @:

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Silly man...

there's no such thing as New Zealand!  :)

Good one!
  • It is speculated that WikiLeaks is going to release UFO investigation documents in the near future.
We're going to have a lot of disappointed Raëlians in the near future.
Good point, yeah.
Yeah, that's one of the things that most people just can't seem to absorb.  Galactically speaking, we're out on the ass end of nowhere.  Without some sort of faster than light travel (which as far as we know so far, isn't possible), we're just not worth the effort of getting to us.

Yeah, I've seen it, along with seeing many other things that ripped it off from Alien.


And yeah, we suck.

   I always wondered how, after navigating all that space and being eons ahead of us technologically they end up crashing in our atmosphere.What? They don't know how to park their craft???

To be honest I find the theory of ancient alien intervention in our evolution to be the best answer for our orgins yet especially when you consider the mythologies of all major civilizations despite being geographically isolated have common threads such as the snake representing the knowledge of man that is capable of joining the gods (advanced mostly humanoid aliens). I read half of the released documents and besides a simple data archive of sightings the articles involve chemical contrails -- possibly a secret anti-global warming geo-engineering method? Secret... because dimethyl bromide is one ingredient (banned pesticide) that is highly toxic to humans causing chronic fatigue and flu like symptoms.


And lol even in New Zealand they still use the cliche of the weather balloon... either they are lying because they don't want to seem incompetent or they are hiding a massive truth (involving aliens, the elite, and secret histories/technologies) from the public.

My query is will there be a receipt attached to these files, documenting the costs to the various countries' taxpayers? Neither a Teabaggin' Twit nor a Libertarian am I, but the amount of money thrown at wasted causes is already appalling, and then there's this farce.


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