This surprised the hell out of me, when I just heard it mentioned on the evening conference call.  I work for UNC Healthcare, the hospital that is located right in the middle of UNC Chapel Hill.

Apparently, UNC Healthcare is busy buying up hospitals and medical clinics all over the state.  It makes a nice counter-example to the religious takeover of hospitals, which we've been seeing recently, by denominations who then want to force their conservative religious values on their patients.  It's about the last thing I expected out of this benighted state, which has been taking a swing towards the fundie side of things, since the 2012 election.

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Wow, what the hell?  Do I have to hyphenate in order to keep my taglines coherent?  I normally don't use those, so I haven't noticed the butcher job that the site does to them.

I find that using inverted commas usually keeps the words together. Let's try next time:

"North Carolina", "religious takeover of hospitals", 

Bingo.  Thanks.

I don't know about UNC but it must be something big to have it's own police force, I think.

University of North Carolina.  All state schools have their own police, around here.

Basically, it's a secular, government-run hospital which is buying up an insane number of hospitals in the state.  It's a nice change from the Catholics and Presbyterians buying up hospitals, in so many other states.

Good to 'ear !




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