Obama has introduced a $100,000,000 initiative to begin a comprehensive study on both the micro and macro levels of how the human brain works. It is hoped that a better understanding of the brain will enable the development of more advanced treatments for hundreds of brain related disorders as well as provide a foundation for a new generation of computer technology. Per the article:


The program drew praise from many groups advocating for brain research, including the Society of Neuroscience, which said the project could lead to "revolutionary advances" that could affect more than 1,000 diseases and disorders of the brain.

The initiative must be approved by Congress.




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To beat China. If we can develop a feasible exaflop supercomputer by 2018, China doesn't get to take over.

I was thinking $100,000,000 but inadvertently wrote $100,000. It was just a typo. Thanks for pointing it out. I've corrected the abstract.

You're right, Bullman, about the hundred million, but I have to ask why the President Is even putting forward this initiative, knowing that our idiot Congress won't approve it?  This is the Congress that only two weeks ago approved the Paul Ryan/ Ayn Rand budget.  They don't care about scientific initiative!  Now, if he had proposed teaching cretinism in schools, he'd have got plenty of money for that; but science?  Not likely!


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