This is an apologist's book - but for heaven's sake are these people mentally ill or just deluded?

Is there any evidence to support the theory? What is the theory? I'm not paying to read this crap but I'm guessing someone here has.

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They are probably not ill; not deluded
They are surely just lying.
Deliberate anti-scientific lying.
Do we bother to confront such calculating liers?
Do those with 'comments' actually exist?
The replies, I would guess, are fake. Particularly the anonymous PhDs from MIT.

Trouble is, that while we skeptics groan in dismay, these bozos get away with spreading poison.

For the very basics of this hypothesis to be accurate, gravity wouldn't work the way we know it does.

Sorry, I'm exhausted and angry - all this religious posturing is getting me down. Now we're even preparing to entertain that German/Italian paedophile apologist using public money.

I despair.
So I went ahead and googled these people.

Starting with, Gerardus Bouw. Here's his profile on Creation Wiki:

I found very little about this Vincent Schmithorst, aside from him being both a Physicist and a classical pianist. Here's my Google search:
Google Search on Vincent Schmithorst

Neville Jones seems even less credible than Gerardus Bouw, believe it or not:
Google search of Neville Jones

I did manage to find E. Michael Jones on Wikipedia:
I'm not sure what to make of him.

Here's my Google search on Joseph Strada... notice search result #3:
Google search on Joseph Strada

Russell Arndts is another one I found on Creation Wiki:

Again, back to just the Google searches, this time for Martin Selbrede. Not much on him:
Google search on Martin Selbrede

My favorite is the one after Martin Selbrede. Impossible to search for. Can you guess why?
"Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett have done a great service to science and to men of good will. Those who see the universe as the handiwork of the benevolent God need no longer be subservient to fairy tales" (Anonymous, Ph.D., MIT)

You will laugh at what my Google search for Caryl Johnston turned up. At least 4 of the results turn up, through different links, the very page in the OP:
Google search for Caryl Johnston

It's interesting what I found (or, in some cases, what I didn't find).
Those who see the universe as the handiwork of the benevolent God need no longer be subservient to fairy tales.

You just HAVE to love a sentence which contradicts itself within its own boundaries!
Dr. Sungenis is, apparently, a faux doctor.

THIS is what really gets my goat. I might as well call myself Dr. Marc Draco for what difference it would make (the real one being, I have some grasp on reality).

Seriously, these "colleges" or whatever the like to call themselves are surely complicit in a major fraud; so far the only person I've seen exposed was the "awful poo lady".

I'm choking back tears even now at the thought of that.
P.T. Barnum put succinctly what organized religion has known for centuries:

"There's a sucker born every minute".

At least the "Left Behind" series are at least sold as fiction.
There is much delusion out there that one must avoid reading, one can only hope that the Galileo book won't be featured on the front table at Barnes & Noble.
I didn't get much farther.
"Two reviewers weep for humanity that this kind of book exists."

Make that three...
Umm, FOUR!
Yes, five. Count me in.
I already said 5.




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