Patricia just drew my attention to this--which I had missed seeing before:

** Old bone dates human hand evolution  **

The discovery of an ancient bone at a burial site in Kenya puts the origin of human hand dexterity more than half a million years earlier than previously thought.

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This is an incredibly interesting article because it was an effective hand that enabled us to make the tools and weapons to advance so far ahead of other species. Thanks to both Patricia and you.

Couldn't get the link on the other discussion to work. Can you repost it here?

Here you go, Natalie........ 

Thanks! It worked and was fascinating!

The piece of bone displayed  is long enough to be the middle finger of a man but does seem to show any joints.

That's because it's not a finger. It's a metacarpal, which is the bone inside your hand connecting your wrist to your finger. So, as you can feel on the back of your hand, it has no joints.




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