Drove 600 miles to Parris Island, South Carolina to see my cousin graduate from the USMC. This was my first military graduation exercise. What a wonderful time we had, until.......

The Marine Corps band started the proceedings by playing the march Onward Christian Soldiers.

Also, are the prayers getting longer at these events or am I getting more atheist?

After the service, oops, I mean graduation, my cousin showed me this wonderful small bible the chaplain gave every Marine to carry with them.

I've noticed more and more public events are becoming religious. My grandson goes to a public school. He invited my wife and me to listen to his high school band and chorus play and sing "Holiday Songs". I left after the third song glorifying god on the highest.

Am I the only one noticing this trend? What's your experience?

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It has been a few years since I have been in the military (U.S.), so this may have changed (but I doubt it). I could only put "No Religious Preference" on my dog tags. I couldn't put Atheist, n/a, none, or anything else. I hated "No Religious Preference" because it sounded like I could be any of them but I just had not selected one yet or any are okay with me. Most of the time I wore the unofficial dog tags I had made off post, but it really bugged me.
Wow, I guess compared to those choices, I'm glad for, "no religious preference," but frankly I think the whole thing is just wrong (I may be the only one who thinks this. I never heard anyone else complain, even of the others who were against religion). I'm not simply unaffiliated; I have a preference: it is to have no religion. I always feared that it would be taken to mean that if I turned up nearly dead, they could have any type of military Chaplin pray over me because I had "no preference," when really my preference was to to have the authorities on mythology leave me alone.

You know I had a similar experience when I went to the hospital to have my baby. I was asked for my religion so they could know which type of Chaplin that could come and annoy (I mean visit) me. I forget my options, but I remember there wasn't a fitting one. The admissions person was sympathetic but she had to choose an option to complete the form; she couldn't just type something in. I forget what I finally settled on (I think something similar to "no religious preference."). Of course, some well-meaning authority on mythology came in and wanted to pray with me and my husband. I told him we weren't religious and we didn't pray. He was very persistent. I tried to be nice, but I finally had to be a little less nice to get him to go. He looked offended. But, really, who messes with a pregnant woman about to give birth?...He should have known what he was in for. :)
You mean you circumcised it !?
Now the lawn is a skinhead?!? Oooo, that'll go over big at the BOQ!
I'm Active Army. I've seen any number of interesting things while I've been in. I would say that the Army has a decent amount of religious diversity. At least in my MOS more often than not we are Atheist or Agnostic. I have noticed that most Brigade and higher commanders are overly religious. Another depressing thing would be Chaplain sponsored events. Almost all events that are decent to go to and are free get funded by the Brigade/Battalion Chaplain. Normally you can get by with just paying lip service or what not. I have done this before and don't feel bad at all. Most events only have a short service or what not. That and the Chaplain normally knows before hand that I'm Atheist.
This isn't for all units but those that I've worked in you normally have to in process the Chaplains office.
Funny story about that. It took place during my divorce. So no shit there I was (haha) talking with my First Sergeant about my divorce. Its general policy for leaders to discuss major events with their soldiers. He informs me that he made an appointment with the Chaplain so I can get religious aid and advice. I know that he is aware of my views on religion. I have to go because I've been told to more or less.
So I show up ten minutes prior to my appointment and the Chaplain is just dinking around on his computer. Let my presence be know and sit down (informal is nice). After a minute he asks me how my personal relationship with god is. I proceed to let him know my stance on god. Not in a mean or forceful way. Just, I'm an Atheist and don't believe in god. The next words out of his mouth are "Well I would say that 99% of the reason you're getting divorced is because you don't believe in god." We haven't even talked about why I'm getting divorced and he doesn't even know who I am. I got up, let him know that I was done talking with him and thanked him for his time. I left before my actual appointment was even scheduled to start. I was decently mad after I left but got over it.
My current Brigade Commander likes to invoke god whenever he speaks. I have other instances but I'll save them for later. Depending on where you are who your with changes the religious climate of a unit.




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