I strikes me from time to time that, as thinkers, we can't also be atheists.

Literal atheism is untenable because we're assuming that we can prove a negative - which is clearly impossible.

That leaves us as agnostics a word I feels is associated with some rather "fence sitting" or woolly ideals.

So are we tied in knots here? Or is there a word which adequately describes us while at the same time demonstrates that we're not subject to the fallacy of "trying to prove a negative".

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Another example I forgot to offer, a Roman Catholic nun and I worked together for years on poverty issues. Of course we could not agree on family planning and a woman's right to control her body, but we surely worked hard together to prevent teenage pregnancy and finding resources to assist young unwed mothers. Sometimes our relationship became complicated, but over time, we found each other's strengths and both of us benefited.

To her, I would say that I was anti-theist. I asked her why she stayed with the Catholic church which implied agreement with the Pope; she said the Pope was irrelevant; she staid because of the community.




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