I strikes me from time to time that, as thinkers, we can't also be atheists.

Literal atheism is untenable because we're assuming that we can prove a negative - which is clearly impossible.

That leaves us as agnostics a word I feels is associated with some rather "fence sitting" or woolly ideals.

So are we tied in knots here? Or is there a word which adequately describes us while at the same time demonstrates that we're not subject to the fallacy of "trying to prove a negative".

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Samantha Thomas, you stand as my model and set a standard unequalled by the hate mongers, tyrants and bullies of the internet.
Thank You, Sweetie. Not long ago, I was called a hatemonger by someone on Twitter. I think in the absence of nuance and non-verbal cues in relatively short comments on the Internet, people project their own emotional condition onto people who are posting. Similarly, if You are projecting Your own grace and civility onto me, I accept it gratefully, as an expression of Your beauty, kindness and thoughtfulness. **smooch**
I seem to attract people who like to pillory others. When they direct their venom at me, I like to thank them for sharing and then block them. It doesn't do any good to disagree or agree with them. and I have a little fun adding their accusations on my list of names I have been called.

It reminds me of when I told a neighbor I was an atheist and soon my home was draped in toilet paper and filthy words spray painted on my house. I used the toilet paper to make a "snow man" in the front yard and put a sign that stated, "Thank you for sharing." I soon had a neighborhood party and people had to walk by the remnants of the filth imposed upon me. That was sweet. Several neighbors came over and covered the offensive language with fresh paint.
Pope Rat-Zinger recently came here - and tarred every non-believer with the same brush.

If I'd done the same to his lot, there would be an outcry against religous hatred. Some idiot legislated against it here - denying many Brits the right to take the religious to task.
Beautifully, clearly, and powerfully stated. "In the interest of overtly standing for good I call myself a Secular Humanist."

That is why, to me, it is important to do the healthy, positive, life affirming things, do things that support life and build community, recognize that homo sapiens do not have dominion over all that swims, crawls and flies, but is part of a magnificent process that does not include a "personal" god or any gods, and make the statement, clearly, powerfully, and beautifully: "secular humanist".

I like the term, "secular humanist" because it evokes a positive statement and affirmation. My former term I used was "anti-theist" and it just does not create the kind of foundation upon which I want to stand.
As do I - it's a blasted shame that people can't understand what it means! ;-)
Well, we have a job to do.
Indeed we do, indeed we do.
Not yet.
I knew you were one.
Sorry, I got lost in the string. You knew who was what?
That's the only problem with Ning... it does get the threads a bit confused...

says Draco, adding to the confusion.




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