We have everything to be proud about when declaring our atheism.

Above all, this is because we hold the intellectual high ground in being RIGHT.

Atheism is the rational and only correct way to observe and interpret Life and the Universe.

By contrast, the religious pitifully prostrate themselves at the level of the intellectual low ground because—often through little initial fault of their own, having been indoctrinated when young—they are not aware that religion is the mistaken, indeed bogus, way with which to regard the universe and its splendorous life.

Atheism is not a belief. It is the default situation into which every innocent is born.

Religion is something imposed on children’s initially-free mentality by the perverse will of elders, whether parents, school, church, synagogue or mosque.

One does not need to be a scientist to understand and agree to the atheistic viewpoint. What is needed is commonsense and a readiness to accept the results of what millions of elite scientists have discovered during the course of their hundreds of millions of experiments, particularly those carried out in the last two centuries.

The world can be proud of the history of its scientific achievements, all of which steadfastly point to an ancient universe and a neo-Darwinian interpretation of the story of Life and Humanity.

Sadly, we accept that most religionists will never give in. Their prejudiced minds are made up. They will not absorb knowledge that is new to them.

Just as we loudly proclaim our atheistic world view, we can look at the religious with pity as they humble themselves and grovel before their imaginary gods that exist nowhere but inside their heads.

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I am torn between wanting to shout it (my atheism) from the rooftops and fear that I will be discriminated against if certain people discover that I am an atheist. In the field I have been working in (Education) I have met so many people with a disdain and fear of people who are atheists (as well as members of what they consider weird religions) that I worry if I am looking to get hired somewhere I will be excluded without being given a chance if my atheism is discovered. If people ask me about my beliefs, I tell them. But I am not as open about it as I would really like to be. One day, when I am more firmly established in my career, I will probably be less concerned about this.
Thanks. I am not opposed to leaving NC, but I don't think that I can any time soon. Are things better in Vermont? I used to live in PA and was shocked at all of the Christianity down here. Now when I go back to PA I am shocked at all of it up there. I don't know if I am just noticing it more because I haven't been there in a while or if it is spreading. Ahhh!

I don't want to give the impression that I am completely in the closet. Many people do know I am an Atheist and I will tell anyone who asks. I usually wait until it has come up b/c I have been told by some Xtains that they wouldn't have accepted me if they'd known first. Also, I wouldn't want to come across as preachy. Also, l really worry it will prevent me form getting future employment if it is ever known before I apply for some future job. So, I am afraid to have too much information on the Internet, etc (hence the pseudonym in this forum and just the last name in others).
Sounds like a great place to be. If I could only take the cold...
Like monkey evolved into man ,Atheism is evolution of the sense of man from superstition to reality
I am proud of being a freethinking atheist but I'm afraid to be open about it in my daily/professional life.
Afraid I'll lose money,afraid I'll have to worry about the constant arguments and prayers.I just smile and nod a lot.
There are so many times ,everyday, that I want to mention the bible quotes I know would make them cringe, or point out that their family member probably got better from the surgery they had not the prayers. I just let them "give the glory to god".I listen to them complain about "happy holidays" vs. "merry christmas",the lack of prayer in schools.
I'm hoping this forum will be an outlet for me to express how I really feel with people that will understand.
I'm just amazed that otherwise smart interesting people can just believe something with no proof and plenty of evidence to the contrary. Though I bet they think the same of me.
Yes Kris, the world is in a mess with its over-reliance on what we know to be empty beliefs that most people accept without question.
Here at least, on Atheist Nexus, you are among good friends who think like you.
For the time-being continue to take real care; but let's say 'cheers' for a better future one day.
Just finished reading through this long and interesting thread.

I have to say it is always a humbling moment whenever I say to someone I am an atheist.

It is such a sheltered area of conversation, that to openly admit you are not in the norm is like an open challenge in a room of people who think otherwise.

Yet given the evidence that I have seen for the natural world by physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology and other sciences, this is the way the world really is. I always wonder that if I can see it, then why can't everyone else?

A lot of our sciences started with looking through telescopes and trying to make sense of what we saw. We learned that the universe is older then anyone can really conceive in any actual sense, our fortune is that humanity exists in a period of time in which we can peer back far enough into its birth and see valuable parts of our history.

Every time I say I am an atheist I am humbled because of that, and proud that I live in a time when it might be possible to understand where we come from.

Reality is much more exciting then myth.
Considering almost every advance or change which has led to the betterment of the human race was made by freethinkers, we should all be proud.

I'm open and rather militant about my atheism when someone tries to pass off some bogus pseudo-scientific claim proving a religions "validity" - or when they begin preaching, and if anything, listening to their arguments and attempts to denigrate my position, only strengthens it.
Well said.
I just spent the better part of an hour writing what was becoming too much of a pointless screed, and was saved from possible embarrassment by my damn system crashing. Must be a sign.
(I was on a roll too), but what I wanted to say is that what atheists need to address is not what the god people are thinking, but what they are doing. I think regarding them with pity as you put it flirts too dangerously with the same kind of sanctimonious nonsense we often take too much pleasure in accusing them of.
What they think is theology. What they do is politics.
Atheism is, by it's very nature, a topic devoid of a subject. The game of dueling solipsisms so many atheists enjoy engaging the god people in is a waste of time, as you point out.
What needs to be figured out, is how to combat and reverse the incredible harm religion has done to human civilization over the centuries, and the continuing damage they seem to insist on inflicting. I take it I don't have to go into details of what I'm referring to that is occurring right now so close to home and on the other side of the world.
I don't have the answers, but I can plainly see that not enough of the right questions are getting asked. If we think that we're enlightened enough to not revert to the religious silliness of a century or two ago, I would point out that it wasn't all that long ago historically that what we are writing and reading right here would have been considered blasphemy. A "crime".
You think it's safe to believe that it can't happen again, that it can't happen here?
Those are famous last words for a reason.
Wise words. Personally, I don't know an Atheist that isn't somewhat intelligent. Then again, now that I think about it, I don't personally know any atheists..... So I guess I mean to say that I haven't heard of an Atheist who isn't somewhat intelligent.

However, the Christians I know are really unremarkably intelligent. And the more devout they are, the more stupid they are. My Muslim stepfather is very intelligent, but some of the things he says almost hint at Agnosticism.
Thank you Albert in replying to my original post.

Something that haunts and horrifies me about the state of intelligence and the high-level of arrogance of god-believers is their rejection of the results of hundreds of millions of scientific experiments about the origins of the Universe, of Earth and of Life on Earth,

and who prefer instead the campside stories of Bronze Age goatherders and their fictions about Adam and Eve and talking snakes ... as to the origins of the world and mankind;

and then the epileptic desert camel-driver who declared after his rolling fits that Archangel Gabriel on his white steed had come flying through the sky to visit and advise him.

Such is the manner by which holy fictions get created. Such is the power of indoctrination into the minds of innocent children. Such is the sad state of the average adult human brain worldwide when accepting irrational and what-should-be-obvious myths as sacred truths.



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