The history of animal evolution on Earth is even longer than previously proved.


In the latest issue of the journal Geology, it is reported that over 70 fossil trails of multi-celled animals dated to 565million years ago have been found in ancient rocks in Newfoundland, Canada.


The lead researcher, Alex Liu from Oxford University, said this indicates that these organisms had a definite degree of muscular control used for locomotion. This is the oldest evidence of creatures with muscular control that allows them to move and look for food or avoid adverse local conditions. It is suggested they may have moved about the sea bottom as sea anemones do.


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What? no "Biblical Sandal footprints" around this time???? :-)

Any link to the original article? I love this kind of stuff..
The February 2010 issue of the journal Geology carries the full scientific paper about this splendid discovery from the pre-Cambrian Ediacaran period.

Visit first the news article at

You will also find a splendid photograph of the trails there.
Thank you for the link, like Rodrigo, I love reading about these sorts of discoveries and then talking about them to people I know or posting them to Facebook to shake- up the theists on my friends list!
Plus it is Very Exciting news!
Great - now I have to alter a couple of passages in my novel ...

Thanks for this. Always cool to learn new stuff. But it is true that writing science-based speculative fiction can be tricky with the accelerating rate of discovery.
This is no surprise--the fauna of the Burgess Shales is much too complex to have arisen recently. I seem to have read of some indirect evidence even earlier than 565 million years BP, but my memory isn't what it once was--does anyone recall this?



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