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February 2009

Earlier emergence of animal life on Earth at 650 million years ago. Mike Hein. Started 5 February

Origins of Faith. Marc Draco. Started 6 February

VIDEO LECTURES: Physics and Cosmology (incl. lecture by George Smoot) Evilgenius20. Started 6 February

How does evolution work? Deborah. Started 8 February

Darwin in our Time: BBC Radio 4: Biography of Charles Darwin. Richard Healy. 8 Feb

Happy Darwin Day to Everyone Today 12 February 2009

“CREATION"--The Charles Darwin Movie. 13 February 2009

Rejecting their Parents Religions: A New Atheist Federation in Britain

Religion in Britain today (2). Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, says that christians are regarded as ‘mad’ by society. 18 February 2009

Religion in Britain today (3): Bible moved to library top shelf over inequality fears.
Started 20 February 2009

Religion in Britain today (4): THE ORIGINS OF HATE. Muslim schoolchildren taught to despise Britain Started 21 February 2009

The Question of Possible Life on Mars: Perchlorates---acting as a natural antifreeze---may keep water liquid on the planet. Started 22 February 2009

Charles Darwin Bicentenary Postage Stamps Started 23 February 2009

Suck in your belt, god---your god just got smaller. . Montreal scientists unlock mystery of early molecular mechanism. J.C. Morrison Started 24 February 2009

UK Government responds to petition for Darwin Bank Holiday Richard Healy Started 26 Feb 2009

So-Called “Human Rights” Origins of base stupidity towards psycho-jihadists 27 Feb 2009

January 2009
Darwin’s 200th Birthday Carlos Antonio Galeano Rios Started 30 Jan

Religion in Britain today (1): On being seen as a ‘nutter’, says unhappy christian. 27 Jan

Book Help Request regarding Jesus and Mythologies. Ian Brightman.

Origins of Religion, Part 11: GODDIDIT

Make Darwin Day a Public Holiday, as proposed by Kumar Ashok M.P. being the 200th
anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin Year, Part 1: A Memorial Calendar

Origin of Religion: What is the oldest well-characterised religion? How do religions arise? Daniel.

The coming storm from New Scientist. Mark Hein

Origin of America. Alex Donovan

E-mail from Catholic to Atheist about atheist holiday. Shalynn

Homage to Charles Darwin and the leading geologists and archaeologists on the 19th

Origin of Ignorance. Alex Donovan

Irreducible Complexity. StinkPalm

Origins of Religion, Part 8.

VIDEOS: Ten Stanford University Lectures on Darwin and his Legacy. Richard Healy

Equality of the Sexes and Christian Culture. Alex Donovan

What Do You Mean ‘Life’? Ruth Dickson

Origins: Design Plan of Stonehenge and Avebury, Britain’s Greatest Prehistoric Monuments

Happy New Year. Richard Healy.

VIDEOS: The Ghost in Your Genes. Evilgenius20.

VIDEOS: HIV Replication 3-D Medical Animation.

VIDEOS: Evolve Documentary shown on the History Channel
. Richard Healy

VIDEOS: PBS Documentary Series Evolution.

When is a Scientist not a Scientist?

Jump Starting Evolution. Crystal Shard

An Article from The Times FYI. Doug

December 2008

Origin of Atheist Pride.

What Hope Do You See for Humankind’s deliverance from Organised Religion? Don.

VIDEOS: The Evidence for the Big Bang in 10 Little Minutes; Evilgenius20

VIDEOS: In search of giants. Evilgenius20

Origin of Newton-Day or Newton-Mass.

Dr. Julian Jaynes: “Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Clarence Dempster.

Evolution of Camouflage. Mac Rex

VIDEOS: The Conflict between Religion and Science. Evilgenius20

VIDEOS: DNA, the Cell and Genetics. Evilgenius20.

Origins of Neanderthal Extinction, Part 1.

Origin of Christmas — Part 9 of ‘Origins of Religion’

VIDEOS: Birth of the Universe, Big Bang and Beyond. Evilgenius20

VIDEOS: Charles Darwin’s Legacy. Evilgenius20.

H.G. Wells. Life Attacks.

Scientists Solve Evolutionary Puzzle on How the Turtle Got its Shell. Crystal Shard.

Origins of Human Development, 1: The Menopause

Origins of Religions, Part 8

November to September 2008

What happened before the Big Bang?

Origin of Life on Earth, 4.

Origin of Life on Earth, 3

Origins of Miracles: Origins of Religion, Part 7

Origins of Gods: Origins of Religion Part 6.

The Pearly Gates and Keys to Heaven of Saint Peter: Origins of Religion, Part 5:
The New Testament

Life on Earth: Part 3 When Life Erupted 1.9 million years ago.

Origin of Life on Earth: Fresh Analysis of Stanley Miller’s Samples

Neanderthal Language

Fraud: The Myth of Saint Peter—the man who never was.--Origins of Religion, Part 4.

Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin and Accepts Evolutionary Theory.

Origins of Religions, Part 3: The New Testament.

Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: His Drafts are Online

Origins of Religions—Select Quotations, Part 2.

Organic Molecules Found in Space

Origins of Religion, Morality and Belief—Select Quotations. Part 1

Article on Possible Mathematics of Origin of Life. Eli.

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