The move toward American Theocracy by the empowered evangelical 'elite' in the US has made it almost impossible for an atheist or non-christian to be elected to office.  Schools are having their curriculum undermined by creationist who wish to revise history, remove evolution from science, and prevent teaching sexual health and pregnancy prevention.  Atheist fear reprisals for not being christian and are often discriminated against at work, socially, and most especially in the military. American as a "Christian Nation" is not a free nation or an ethical one.


Please- What ideas do you have on combating this most dangerous decline in American intellectual and social standards? I'm especially interested in ideas from outside the US.  Whatever you wish to add.

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Biblical Personal Ad:

My name is Judith my turns offs are pride, cowards, tyranny.  Just too much like my old bf H.  My turn on are tents, nice meals, fancy beds and swords.  I put a whole new meaning to 'giving head.' Call me!

Leveni-  I'd send my kids to a Catholic school for the educational value. The local catholic school teaches evolution.  It's not as bad as some of the public schools.  In the US the vitriol and abuse of power is unbelievable.  There are a lot of state wide positions concerning curriculum that are being dictated by Creationist.


Philip-  I sure hope you are right!  Im worried because so many people in power are constricting the flow of money to research and bolstering studies that fit their world view.  Im not so comfortable as you are about theocracy not taking hold.  We already have a military that pushes Evangelism and punishes the non- Evangelist.  I hope you are right.  Please see the following link to understand where Im coming from.


Richard- Wow!  This sounds absolutely amazing!  I will certainly look into this.  Sounds like an approach that may work.  A lot of respect and discussion would be a nice change.  I personally don't have a lot of problems with 'intelligent design' folks who acknoledge evolution.  We can't expect everyone to be Atheist or become one overnight.  It's a bit of a process.  Believing in science is a force for good and the most important part of all this. 


Keep the ideas Rolling!  

If Atheism is to supersede theism on a long term basis it must subscribe to more than Science and Reason. It must also subscribe to Dignity. If Atheism carries a stigma of amorality or immorality it will not permanently if at all supersede theism. Secular Humanism must be espoused as much as Science and Reason if Atheism is to meaningfully become favored because Science and Reason for a purpose other than the promotion of Dignity will not be effectively received. This is evidenced by people having been ready to overthrow their governments for lack of being afforded what they considered to be legitimate democracies. History has demonstrated that what is perceived as amoral or immoral does not long endure.
I do agree that Science and reason are very important for people to understand the world as it is, but to be pragmatic you do have to admit some people simply don't care about how the world works and there is nothing to make them care. However, the harm those people are doing is letting themselves opt for a simple explanation, so where science and reason might not convince that person possibly secular humanism is a better option.

I hate to use this example because its such a terrible one in the context, but I will anyways. If you have ever played the game Dead Space, the main religion in the game is a dogmatic faith called Unitology(I am pretty sure it is poking fun at Scientology) and of course this dogmatic religion ends up releasing horrible things through its "marker" which is a religious idol basically. However, the premise behind the religion I like very much, "unitology." Basically bringing the human race together as one species and erasing religious lines while preserving cultural heritage.

I hate to set up this double standard, but until the scales are balanced a little more I feel that atheists have to be extra polite, courteous, and helpful and don't come across as arrogant because we will catch more flies with honey. For those interested in the truth and the way the world works, give em science and reason and let them know all the arguments against religion, but if they don't seem to care at all about the truth about the world just show them your good "moral barometer"(thanks to Steve Harvey for that one) and tell them about secular humanism. These are the only things we can do as citizens to ensure theocracy doesn't take root in America.
I dunno, man.  The flies with honey thing works on some, and mockery works on others.  Leo Behe came over to our side because of actions that resulted from that sort of poking.  Essentially, he read 'The God Delusion' with a sense of bravado, scoffing at those silly atheists.  He credits the book with starting his path to skepticism.

John J


I agree with your statement. Often Dignity is not afforded to under-educated folk on this website.  We have to model the values we believe in.  Ethics aren't just for the religious. 


Perhaps some folks could write articles condeming certain things and why they condemn them from an atheist point of view.  Christians do this all the time.  It also goes back to the idea of an Atheist NGO aid group.


Philip W

I've wanted to play that game myself.  I think Scientology is a scourge and I can't wait util the current FBI probe gets them on human trafficking! 


Uniting everyone is harder than it seems.  People still need to feel 'special' and part of a group- not the whole.  Sunday morning is still the most segregated time of the week in amerca.  People want to tribe up- otherwise this site wouldn't exist.  It's not all bad but you'd think we would have gotten over some of it by now.  Mass media should have helped in this regard- but it seems to have hindered more than helped


Joseph P

I vote for honey most of the time.  Like a good political campaign Athiest will also need attack dogs so the main figureheads will not get labled as azzholz.


Richard-  Still what a great effort you are putting forward.


Dear John Jubinsky, and others,


I completely agree. Although I am very gratified that the Humanist organizations in the USA (which is where I live) support science and reason (and defend evolutionary theory), they neglect issues of social ethics, human justice and dignity and betterment. That takes taking moral responsibility with implications that challenge the existing corporate capitalist paradigm and the emphasis on profit. The American Humanist Association magazine "The Humanist" published a few articles on the subjects of war, peace and social justice, but the Center for Inquiry seems to consciously avoid the topic, prefering instead to promote Darwin, almost like a cult figure. There have been modern rational and scientific thinkers who have also devoted part of their lives to peace and social justice, such as Bertrand Russell, yet he is hardly ever mentioned.

Why? Do American humanist organizations lack the political courage? Are rational atheists uncaring or indifferent?

- Gary


New Humanist Sage of the Andes (English Subtitles)

This is a video of the speech given by Silo (the "Sage of the Andes") on May 4, 1969, in Punta de Vacas, Argentina

Silo: The Healing of Suffering (1969)

Notice he  speaks in parables and religious like appeal, but with no reference to the supernatural. He is a Humanist who speaks to the accomplishments and limitations of science.

Note: It make take a while for the video to load so it can be played. Silo's actual name is Mario Rodriguez Cobos. The New Humanist movement of South America emphasized the need to promote the dignity of humanity. 

posted by Gary

So much for the legal separation of church and state, eh!

Hi Shannon,

This seems fairly easy but I think there are too many American atheists who are still afraid to show their allegiances. Get out there and show yourself. Wear a t-shirt. Wear the scarlet A on a jacket collar. Just do something to show that you are out there and that your opinions count. The more people that do this, the more you will see others joining in.

Regards... Jim



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