Kepler is an outer space telescope launched in 2009 that orbits the sun between Mars and Earth. It has been looking for exoplanets since that time which are planets that are outside our own solar system. This past Wednesday some of the results were announced. That is, it was revealed that Kepler had detected evidence of 1,235 such planets as opposed to only 519 that had been suspected beforehand. More than 50 of the suspected new ones are considered to be in so called 'Goldilocks' zones. That is, located in manners that provide for their not being too hot nor too cold for life to exist on them. Some of the findings have been published in the journal, Nature and others were announced by NASA.

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Crank up production on the colony ships boys!

:hell yeah:

If we discover life in the galaxy I'm going to tell this one guy I know to suck it, because he always rants about how god made this planet habitable and this planet only.


Boy would that make my day.


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