Are our actions mainly regarding addictions a result of our need for pleasure??


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Rose addiction to narcotics lets say is the biggest pre cursor to crime their is. It truly is distructive. Not a mental disorder. Not is most cases it is ones attempt to escape ones situation .One of .the reasons for addition whether it is to narcotics or food is to get Pleasure..Pain vs. pleasure. To escape ones reality. Many addicts are extremely intelligent and articulate.I simply belive we all have addictions to many thins. In most cases weather it is golfing  sports narcotics or food. We have these addictions to feel better about ourselves. To gain a moment in time of pleasure. .Sex is another addiction .Emily your points are more to the mark. On this subject.


Rose is right-but I think there is truth to both ideas. People self medicate to feel better, whether that is with doughnuts or crack. And some people, who may be mentally healthy, try a drug once and can't stop, due to the structure of their brain, which Bill Nye did a show on (it got cancelled) that was amazing. Anyone who says addictions are purely "spiritual" hasn't seen (or is ignoring) the latest data on the brain and the way it operates in addiction. Some people are predisposed to be addicts.  I'm lucky-I can drink once, and not again until New Year's. But some people can't even drink during New Year's, or they will drink continuously. That is a genetic thing.

But there is no doubt that some people use wine, or fast food, or hard drugs, just like religion-to feel better because their life is painful. It's an easy way out that will destroy that person in the long run.

Thank You will check it out now!!


Thank You Rose Cockford. For your contribution to this debate. Anyone following this should check out the article provided. A National addiction research  talking about how an addict becomes dependent on a substance and how it alters ones mental state and brain chemistry. The addict needs more and more of the drug of choice to achieve the original state of bliss first obtained. How the addict suffers terrible mental pain and physical pain when withdrawing from the substance abused. There is no question that the addict suffers pain. There are so many different variables here. The point originally was. Why do addicts. Why do people who abuse anything. go to the extreme with anything. Sex for example, These addicts are looking for the same escape and pleasure the crack addict is seeking. They will take all manner of health and mental risks that either needs to obtain pleasure. over the pain they feel.. The question is What will we do to obtain pleasure over pain .Second part is this the result of mental illness. I am not at all convinced that it is. one with mental illness do not have control over their thoughts, Their .choices ,The people I am talking about know exactly what they are doing .They  choose pleasure over matter the trouble caused to loved ones or the damage done mentally physically legally financially. They are in many  cases selfish individuals. Not concerned about the future consequences of their actions. Once dependent on whatever their pleasure is. They will go to get lengths to achieve their high. This being a sad result. Does not make any of these people mentally ill. The question again is Do we as human beings choose Pleasure over Pain. We do not have to be Mentally ill or an addict,     I  do believe that in many cases addiction can be the end result of this quest. Choosing  Immediate  relief when in state of pain .We should be having this debate in our schools. Respectfully Yours.




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