The recently discovered remains (found in South Africa) of an archaic hominin named Homo naledi (possibly the most primitive Homo remains known) suggest that it was somewhere between ape and human. Per the article:


A recently unearthed extinct human species — perhaps the most primitive ever discovered — had hands and feet adapted for a life both on the ground and in the trees, researchers say....The most recently discovered human species, Homo naledi, had a brain about the size of an orange, but it nevertheless possessed enough of a mind to perform ritual burials of its dead....They found the species shared a long, robust thumb and wrist architecture with modern humans and Neanderthals, potentially giving the hand a precise, forceful grip that may have been useful for tool use. However, its fingers were longer and more curved than most australopithecines — indeed, more curved than those of nearly any other species of early hominin. This quality hints at a life suited for moving and climbing through trees....The foot is not entirely humanlike, but it’s more humanlike than not,” William Harcourt-Smith, a paleoanthropologist at Lehman College in the Bronx and the American Museum of Natural History in New York, told Live Science. “I think it would’ve been very good at walking on the ground.” However, the H. naledi foot had toes that were more curved than those of modern humans, supporting the notion that the hominin was also relatively adept at life in the trees....The scientists detailed their findings on H. naledi‘s hands and feet online today (Oct. 6) in two papers in the journal Nature Communications.


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May I be the one to make the pedantic statement?

"Humans are apes."

Heh, we know what is meant, though.  Other, nonhuman apes.

The word, apes, used in the colloquial sense excludes humans.

Perhaps, but not in a scientific sense.  I would expect Discovery to use the scientific sense of the word.

Anyway, someone was going to say it, so I threw it out there.

Humans are intelligent Apes, what's the big deal about it?.


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