Check out this funny video in response to the typical xtian argument for belief based on playing it safe:



The Vikings had it goin on!

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I changed my mind. I'm pretty sure the xtian response here would be:

***hands over ears***

"La,la, la, la, I'm not,la,la"
I could definately have a beer with him, but then, I would have a beer with Jack the Ripper if he was buying - I have no shame.
Does it matter how big the spear is, or what it is made of? I'm thinking that diabetics, stabbing their finger to check blood sugar, are all in the Norse afterlife living it up.
LOL...Yep, the diabetic Vikings got an out on this one ;-)
This was absolutely brilliant. As an aside Mudbrooker sounds a lot like Morgan Freeman. Always wondered why Jesus only got speared the once. Could it have been to convert more pagans?
Jesus only got speared the once

Damn, didn't think of that one!
Ah, he did get speared! I guess we'll all get drunk with Jesus in Valhalla!
HAH, that's great. Now, where to find a spear...


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