The pig?  -  Some slices of bacon


The sheep? - Some Muslims in a mosque


The clothing? - Their shoes


This is the story about a drunken man who thought it would be funny to put bacon inside the shoes left outside a mosque.  Frankly, I agree, this is rather funny.  Of course the man was arrested and charged with crimes relating to "racial hatred."  Here's where the problem lies.  This is not in any way racial.  It is religious.  The offended Muslims aren't restricted from eating pig due to their race, so in what way could this ever be considered racist?  The fact that the people are in a mosque in England gives very little clue as to the races of those inside, they could be from any number of countries.  They were mostly Somalian by the way.  Are Somalians not allowed to eat pig?  Well yes, if they also happen to be Muslim.  It makes me very angry that religion is so often confused with race.  Racial hatred is inexcusable.  Religious hatred makes sense.  Not that I'm saying we should cause harm to religious people, but they should be mocked, they are a joke.  They are an embarressment to humankind.


Anyway, I was interested to see how offensive you all thought this was.  Or more precisely, what level of offence is appropriate for this act of religious mocking.


In a sane world, the offended Muslims would simple chuckle "ha, that's funny because we can't eat pig, oh you clever sod!" and maybe be a little peeved that their shoes now smell of bacon.


In this world, I'm suprised it wasn't followed by a parade of angry imbeciles demanding a gruesome execution.

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I could say the same about you.You seem to be all hot for mocking folks whom you disagree with. How is it that I am making you feel less intelligent? I can't make you feel anything. But, if the shoe fits wear it. Your analogy about an extreme culture seems to deride the notion of accepting other cultures, otherwise why make it if it is not to give cultural significant diffences a back seat?

You respect other cultures as long as they are not religious, Muslim, or barbaric. A subtle form of babarism is mocking, because it is to give a lower position to those being mocked and giving the mocking credibility.


1.  crudity of style, taste, expression, etc.

2. an act or instance of cruelty or inhumanity.

3.brutal or inhumane conduct; cruelty.


1.  to attack or treat with ridicule, contempt, or derision.

Once again I shall explain as you keep missing the point entirely.  My exagerated version of a culture was not intended to dismiss tolerance of cultures, but to point out that not all cultures deserve tolerance.  Where did I say that I don't respect religion?  Actually, I do have respect for Janists.  They have a great view of life and a great respect for all life.  Christianity, Islam, religions which promote hate towards homosexuals and the view that women are second class citizens, these I don't respect.  I'm so sorry if this offends you.
Imagine that.  A misleading headline.

Don't use your moniker as indicating that of also being a rational thinker. What is the rationale for mocking anyone for any reason? It says much more about you personally than the ones you are mocking. If a child mistakenly believes babies come from a stork, do you mock him/her? Your fellow humans are all at different stages in their development, why would you choose one of those stages to make fun of them for? Compassion goes much further than snide mocking. If someone is wrong in what they think, do you mock them, or do you try to help them in their understanding? Even though it is a kind of arrogance to hold that others don't think on a par with you, that they are less evolved.

Here are some synonyms for rational:

intelligent, wise, judicious, sagacious, enlightened.

Is mocking someone a display of any of these synonyms? Making fun of other people for your own amusement, is that wise? Or is it just a kind of sadism, or schadenfreude, cuz', it is indeed a misfortune for some to be as unenlightened as they are in their thinking, but is it up to you to deride them, or is that just a sublte form of violence? I don't think laughing at someone else is prudent, or provident. There is just too much heartache in the world to add to it in such ways as mocking or in viilifying others for thinking differently from you. It is worse than insensitive, and this one man's action drunk or otherwise is definitely not funny.

Rational-Thinker is just a name for fuck sake, don't read too much into it.  And I'll mock who I damn well please, regardless of what you think.  I am also free to find anything I like funny without being judged by you.  If you want to be compasionate then go ahead.  Me?  I've had enough of religion, my tolerance for it has disolved.  And anyone who is tolerant of religion at all is just aiding those that wish to push their extreme views on others.  Religion deserves no tolerance what so ever.


Implying I'm a sadist for not respecting childish views of fully grown adults is ridiculous.  You ask if I would laugh at a child.  Well of course not, where did you get that from?  Children are not developed enough to have an opinion on religion, adults are!

Seems you have an extreme view of your own, which you are accusing others of having, but I guess yours is correct, huh?

So, have at it, be as intolerant as you wish. It is unlikely you will change anyone's mind to your way of thniking using your militancy. I do not wish to take away your right to be a complete ass if you wish which is what you're being, and you can be as offensive as you like, it says more about you personally than it does about the targets of your derision. Religious people dislike athiests for the very reasons you are displaying and accusng religions of being, which is intolerant, and critical. The well known atheist from way back when, Ohare was her name I think, she was so embittered and intolerant and such an asshole that she was worse than any other relgious bigot you could come across. If I remember right she was missed never to be heard from again, chances are somebody killed her, I don't know for sure, but her son became a born again Christian, for zeus sake. I just think you are not being smart in what you may be trying to do, which may be to show people they should be more reasonable and throw away the yoke of religion with its accompanying onesidedness and nonsense. I am not here to judge you, but I can evaluate your actions as you can evaluate mine. It will be up to others to see which point is well taken.


I don't try to change people's minds.  Have you ever tried changing the mind of someone who truly believes in their faith?  It won't work.  They have to realise the truth themselves and be open to realising it.


You seem to have this impression that I'll walk down the street shouting abuse at anyone wearing a burkha.  Of course not, I would treat a religious person the same as I treat an atheist.  I am a very peaceful person.  But I still have the right to mock anyone I please.  It is a right to free speech that I wish to defend when doing so.  Islam tries to silence free speech.  Demanding we all respect it's laws.  Don't draw the prophet, don't insult Islam.  I am not part of this religion and therefore am not subject to it's laws

Thank you, Raymond, for your thoughtful and wise response. I was feeling very alone here in trying to get these ideas across, and you did a much better job than I did. Let us have compassion for our fellow human beings first and foremost!



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