A protein called RbAp48 has been shown to reverse non-Alzheimer age related memory loss in mice. Blocking this protein in young mice results in their having memory capacities of old ones and supplementing this protein in old mice results in their having memory capacities of young ones. Per the article:


Sure enough, cutting levels of the protein made healthy young rodents lose their way in mazes and perform worse on other memory tasks just like old mice naturally do. More intriguing, the memory loss was reversible: Boosting the protein made forgetful old mice as sharp as the youngsters again, the researchers reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine.



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Sorry 2 B a little off-topic, John, but ...Are we just the result of a pig & a monkey getting together about ... oh, say ... 100K years ago?  I'm sorta reading/hearing that meme on the fringes.  Probably been around for a while but it's finally reached even my old skeptical atheist ears.

It sorta makes sense, doesn't it?  DNA-wise?

It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I don't know how a scientist can propose it with a straight face. If you want to discuss it any further let's do so in the appropriate forum....please.

OK.  OK.  Sorry.  Really.  But Dr. Eugene McCarthy (didn't I vote for him in 1968? or 1972?) has some DNA evidence and I don't think this is going away ...


But I promise I won't ever mention it here again.

Its a shame that some want to take another's discussion and turn it into their own about a totally unassociated topic. There is already a forum for what you want to talk about. Please be honorable enough to use it instead of disrespecting a completely unrelated one.




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