Scientists at Harvard University have discovered that a protein called GDF-11 dramatically reverses heart failure in mice restoring their enlarged hearts to a normal condition in a relatively short period of time. The success is for the same kind of heart failure that commonly affects humans as they age and humans (as do mice) naturally have the protein in their blood. The level of it diminishes with age. It is hoped that the protein might be used to rejuvenate other organs as well. Clinical trials involving humans are expected to begin in four or five years. The study has been published in the journal, Cell. Per the article:


When the protein, called GDF-11, was injected into old mice, which develop thickened heart walls in a manner similar to aging humans, the hearts were reduced in size and thickness, resembling the healthy hearts of younger mice....“In this study, we were able to show that a protein that circulates in the blood is related to this aging process, and if we gave older mice this protein, we could reverse the heart aging in a very short period of time,” Lee said. “We are very excited about it because it opens a new window on the most common form of heart failure.”

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Excellent Read and research, thank you. as I am aging I find I am craving protein, steak, liver and chicken maybe its the natural craving that people get when their body needs some supplement. Thank you for the share.

Medical research of high excellence and usefulness. 

Nice find John. I wonder which receptor in mice heart cells react to the CDF-11 protein. Or maybe the heart cell receptors are affected indirectly by the CDF-11 protein, by way of endocrine glands or something. Damn interesting, thanks again.




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