Question, more than a view point from my end. 

How does quantum entanglement, affect natural selection, using the existence of a multiverse  as a proven fact, as the basis for your view point. Just looking for applicable hypothesis.

and, go....

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I don't see what the two have to do with each other.  They take effect on such a drastically different scale — a couple dozen orders of magnitude — that any individual quantum effects would be smoothed out into an average, the same as we can do with radioactivity.

Despite orders of magnitude, they non the less interact. I meant this as more of a, what if. Supposing that quantum entanglement applied to multiple dimensions(also assuming at least one of those dimensions is similar enough to our own). What if natural selection here, were tied to the process natural selection there? I am not sure if the question makes sense to you.


Well, sure, they both work within the same rules of reality, if that's what you mean.  How is that a meaningful statement, though?  Of course everything in reality affects everything else, since reality is a complex mosh of forces and particles.

I just think you have to define your terms more precisely, if you want to get a meaningful relationship between the two.  To me, saying that something affects something else implies a greater relationship than I could see there being between quantum entanglement and biological natural selection.

Yeah, I know I'm a buzzkill.

No wonder the question was confusing. Lol
Sorry, I just realized, that I left out a major part of it. Lol I meant to add, the premise that one creature in each of the dimensions is connected via quantum engagement, and also implying no less than 50 percent of their atoms are connected in this manner. Here's hoping it made sense to read, and not just in my head. Lol

Err, we're well into the realm of science-fiction/fantasy, at this point, though.  You can make up pretty much whatever you want.  Quantum entanglement is nothing like what you're describing.  If a similar phenomenon happened between universes, it would be an entirely different phenomenon.

It's called hypothetical conjecture....If this were serious why would I apply a phenomenon that has only been demonstrated to apply to protons(to the best of my knowledge) to atoms, less likely atoms, protein strings, or full on biological masses. 

Basically it's for fun... I have no one smart enough to even understand the subject matter, less likely place educated conjecture towards it.

The most common theory today among theoretical physicists concerning multiverses is called Brane Multiverse theory. It follows from M-theory, and states that each universe is a 3-dimensional brane that exists with many others. However, all particles are bound to their respective branes. Therefore, there could be no quantum entanglement with any other of the multiverses. As demonstrated in Cyclic Theory, any interaction between branes would cause a catastrophic explosion, destroying the old contents and creating an entirely new universe.

See Joseph now I have a starting point to looking up new information. That's why III like to as random questions that seem to have no purpose. It's for the side research knowledge. Honestly I'm just a knowledge geek/nerd with add fortunately I do speed read descent fast.




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