This movie is opening this week, and is a great film for atheists.


I don't want to give away the story, but the main character, played by Nicole Kidman (who is also a producer for this movie), rejects using religion to cope with the death of her three year old son. I saw a pre-released version, and I think it is well worth watching.


Support Nicole Kidman's project, and maybe we'll see more films with an atheist angle!


Rabbit Hole film site

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Before seeing it, can you, without giving away the story line, tell us whether or not the protagonist maintains her non-religious stance, or does she "learn her lesson" as is Hollywood's wont, and turn to "her faith" in the end?
I agree with Bob about this.  It's not a perfect film but it is very mature in its approach and definitely doesn't "Hollywood" it up.  With films like "Agora" and "Four Lions", we do seem to be getting more films from the atheists point of view.  Long may this continue.  I hope that someone like Brad Pit or John Malkovich will produce a film version of Voltaire's "Candide".  That would be cool.
As there seems to have been something of a golden age for atheist literature in the past couple of years perhaps we will have something similiar for film, as for agora i've seen the trailer and i've been trying to purchase the movie for weeks now, i've checked online for vendors who sell it and only amazon seems to be offering it, that will not work out for me. I would prefer to get it at best buy or something but i've had no luck with that either. As for "four lions" this is the first time i have ever heard of it. I'll definately look it up.
Hey thank you so much for the info and link Bob, much appreciated.

Also, Netflix offers it on disc.  It's pretty Hollywoodized, but if you leave out the "slave who loved her" subplot and the speculative overstatement of her discoveries, it seems essentially correct.

Hey thanx, i got to see the movie online thanx too Bob's link, and i agree Craig. I remember reading about hypatia a year ago when i was searching online for female philosophers to study. I came across a wiki page about her and was touched by her story, when i had found out there was a movie made about her i could barely wait to get my hands on it. I've seen it now so i can wait a little longer to own a hard copy of the movie. Great film is all i have to say.




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