Published on Nov 18, 2013

David Silverman argues that religion harms society.
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It does in so many ways. I speak with family often, and they always think because I have no beliefs I have demons. I live just as they do, do good towards others take care of myself and mine, they have the same issues if not more than I do but they can't even fathom that my life is just as their because I don't have that same belief they have. I don't hold it against them but they hold it against me. They don't understand why I am a happy person and willing to hold out my hand to help them and others without any expectations well knowing the favor may not be returned.I used to try to tell them but they don't and wont understand. I feel religion has really messed our society up. The other day I read a article of a church group that refused charity donations from a organization because the organization was atheist. I couldn't believe they would rather people starve than be fed by any hand extended.....

I think we come from the same kind of family.  One asked me if I wasn't afraid of going to hell.  I told her it was their hell they could keep it.

xtians feel that they must make a distinction between their lives and ours - or where would they be? They might even start to think! Horrible!

I remember my xtian parents trying to be healthy, because the body was the temple of the lord and you had to take care of it. But when they noticed that I tried to be healthy, thet concluded that I was so afraid of dying and being judged by their god that I tried to live forever.

I stopped talking to them after that.

GMail thinks the alert message for this post is a scam.  Very weird.

GMail is watching you... and it's SPAM filter is crap.

You seem to be implying that there are some e-mail providers who don't watch you.

Someone dug up Hitch and transplanted him into this guy!

I'm kidding - have a long life and keep telling people David!

Splendid! I would like to post this on Twitter and Facebook, with attribution to you. If you prefer to not have your name made public, I will not include your name. 

Thank you so much Steph. David Silverman builds a strong case. 

you can put my name there Joan - thank you

Thanks Steph. I've saved the other speeches from that event to a playlist. Will list to the others as I drift off to sleep. Thanks. 

Great speech. If logic ever entered into the minds of true believers, they would have to be swayed. 

Maybe we can plant that seed of freethought and they will come around someday.


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