I have often written that non-theism or ‘atheism’ is the natural condition of the universe into which we are all born.

Most atheists—perhaps all, because by definition—conclude the same, realising that non-theism is the default situation of a godless universe [although pace to Richard Dawkins, who prefers to cautiously allow that we cannot be entirely sure of this]. Nevertheless, whatever else, children are all born ‘atheist’ in the sense of not knowing anything of gods until elders start instructing them.

Religion is a taught fiction—which explains why there are so many religions and why so many gods.

Inevitably, indoctrination is directed first at unsuspecting and trusting children because they are the most easily drawn into the tangled web of belief and deceit that accounts for so much of our religious, social, world population.

When a believer asks me directly the driving question, I answer firmly that natural rationality and commonsense point to religion as being nothing but a giant fraud—and a deep-rooted long-lasting fraud at that.

By the same token, the gods that religions embrace are merely the deliberate poetic and literary inventions of story-tellers.

Gods exist nowhere but inside the heads of believers, and occupy and distort their valuable, limited, neuron-circuit space where unprejudiced clear brains should be.

Why does the human race go on suffering such beliefs, when in other so many other endeavours we benefit handsomely from the great works and discoveries of the scientists and engineers?

How long will it be before we break the cycle of worship and free the minds of our leaders who keep on believing the impossible about the irrational?

One would think that it is the duty of schools to teach the truth, the scientific truth, and nothing but the truth.
If this was done, science would win through, slowly but surely.
But not all schools do so. Many teach untruths under the banner of religious freedom---and religion is all lies. Again I say: Religion is nothing but a giant fraud.

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Ah, OK. He sure was in Europe. Hence the misunderstanding.
Religion is a soar thing that I don't much like to talk about. But I agree with you Dr. 100%. How's that for a math test. You know all of my life I have been raised as a Mormon. For those who do not fully understand, The Mormon term is a name of a Military General that supposedly lived here in America several thousand years ago. And he supposedly abridged some records that were later found by a young man, that needed an INCOME, and he supposedly translated this written record into english and titled the book, The Book of Mormon. As a story it's not too bad, but taking it for real is a bit too much.
The question that I have always had, and I assume it would be much the same if I were Catholic or any other Flavor of Religion, Why can't God (If god wanted me to believe in him and give him all I have), TALK TO ME? Why is it that God only speaks to certain people, Mostly Rich people.
The way I look at it, Religion is simply a BUSINESS. If you can stomach feeding people fairy tales as though they were absolute truth, Hey you got a future in the religion racket. If I had to choose between getting into the religion business or selling used cars, Used Cars is more Honest.
In the book I just wrote Tomorrow's World #1 and in the new one almost finnished at this time, The Loving Genetically Engineered humans in the story have no religion. Their only guiding words are the writings of the Fictional Professor Chin Lee, that together with a Team of like minded scientists, created them in a secret underground labratory somewhere in the south west, while the rest of humanity wared amongst themselves and left the surface of earth a desert.
It's a swell story. It will never be accepted by many of a religious nature because it has sex in it. But last I heard sex is a Natural, Normal and Necessary part of human existance. I just made sex a commanding part of the story and I think it works.
One thing there is NOT in my book. VIOLENCE and Hate. These two things have made religion probably the bloodiest idea man has ever invented. In fact Violence and hate are what most religions are all about. Without somebody, some BOOGY Man, to hate and kill, What have they got? It's too bad also that in most books today at your local corner grocery store Sex is used to actually Promote Hate and Violence. And religion is right in there too to sanction it all.
Well I hope I aint talked you leg off about religion. And thanks again for this super nice site where views and opinions of ordinary humans like me are worth while. Steve Nelson
What gets me the most is how hated atheists are by the religious. I saw a poll that suggests that most people would not vote for an atheist regardless of his or her views. I guess it's because we challenge their beliefs. We could destroy their version of eternity. They have no good arguments so they get frustrated and just start to hate us. They go with the old standby of Satan possessing our "souls." It's like they prefer that you follow their god, but even if you don't, at least you believe in a supreme being.

I think the scariest thing of all is that these leaders we have now are guided by religious principals that teach an end-of-the-world scenario. These leaders, especially the devout, make decisions with the belief that they are going to a better place and therefore don't always make decisions that are for the betterment of our world, but instead they make decisions that will heighten their status amongst the religious leaders or their imaginary man in the sky. They earn jewels in their crown in heaven or virgins.

I have been fighting with the schools and friends of mine on a regular basis about science, evolution, and creation. The argument that gets the most positive response from the parents and teachers that have ANY kind of an open mind is this one: I tell them that if we allow prayer back in schools, do you want your child reciting a Catholic prayer? How about a Jehovah's Witness one? Do you then want the government deciding what version of the bible is the most accurate? Not every christian church believes the same thing so which version is the school going to use? I tell them that there are children that attend public schools that are Muslim and Jewish. Are they to be forced into a "generic" prayer to Jesus? (Many xtians don't realize that Jews don't believe in Jesus) They are always complaining that prayer is not allowed in schools, but I contend that it's not true. No one is telling your child that they can't read their bible, or say a silent prayer. Schools just should not be having a forced prayer for all of the students. Most reasonable people realize that and concede that perhaps it's not the best idea to have organized prayer in schools.

I am having an ongoing debate with the chaplain of my unit about evolution. This guy actually believes the planet is only 6000 years old. He promises a "rigorous debate." So far I'm still waiting. He believes that children should be presented with both arguments. I told him that as soon as his side comes up with a rational, testable argument, our side would be happy to entertain it. He told me he would get back to me on that. It's been a few weeks.




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