A major study performed by researchers from the University of Edinburgh has established links between genetic diversity, height and cognitive skills. Per the article: 

Those who are born to parents from diverse genetic backgrounds tend to be taller and have sharper thinking skills than others, the major international study has found.

Researchers analysed health and genetic information from more than 100 studies carried out around the world. These included details on more than 350,000 people from urban and rural communities.

The team found that greater genetic diversity is linked to increased height. It is also associated with better cognitive skills, as well as higher levels of education....The study is published in the journal Nature and was funded by the Medical Research Council.


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Which comedian was it who said that we should solve racism by having every racial group fuck every other racial group, until we're all the same color?  I'm drawing a blank, but I know I've heard it before, somewhere.

Hybrid vigor? Sounds good to me.

So if I'm treated like a moron because I am quite short, I should just say something stupid?

Many short women, treated like bimbos, have a secret weapon, their intelligence.

This sound's like a tall story John.

Are you saying it's my story or the story of the researchers? The study was published in a peer reviewed journal. Perhaps you should find some studies that contradict it. Given your position I would at least look if I were you. Keep in mind that the research does not imply that a short person or one of relatively little genetic diversity cannot be a genius.

I don't doubt these studies are genuine attempts to discover relationships between various surveys, but I find it hard to link genetic diversity to physical height. Since the Second World War the average height of the populations of Western Europe has risen by 3 inches, this has been convincingly attributed to a higher protein diet. Cognitive skills may well prove to be enhanced by genetic diversity, but higher levels of education would follow naturally from higher standards of living. There are so many variables to be taken into consideration John that it might be wise to suspend judgement.

Perhaps people of a blended 'racial' (as dubious as that term is) ancestry are more likely to live in first-world countries and receive proper nutrition while growing up ... which leads to increased growth and cognitive development?

You always need to check, with these sorts of correlations, to make sure that an accompanying characteristic isn't the actual causal link.  I'm not sure what sort of steps were taken to control for other factors.




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