Researchers at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum say close analysis of a Van Gogh painting long thought to have been a self-portrait has revealed that it is of his younger brother, Theo. Van Gogh was dependent on Theo who was five years his younger and who died six months after Van Gogh's suicide. Among other things the researchers say the shape of the ear in the painting as well as comparison of it to pictures of Theo demonstrate that the painting is in fact of him. The findings have been published in a 600 page catalogue put together by the researchers at the museum which houses the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and letters.


Compare to known self-portraits below:

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A 600 page catalog? What some people spend their time on baffles me.
What is more baffling is how much some people are willing to pay for a piece of Van Gogh's art.
Does the painting have both ears?
Can't be determined from the angle (take a look at it). One of the known self-portraits in the second link shows a bandaged ear.




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