Drawing on years of research and real-world experience, Dr. Peter Boghossian gives a crash course on how to talk people away from faith and towards a life of reason. If you find this talk interesting, be sure to check out his book "A Manual for Creating Atheists": http://tinyurl.com/mlpdpbf

Boghossian's point is that attacking religion directly is unlikely to help people or change minds. The goal is not to debate theism, but instead to focus on helping believers recognize through reflection that faith is not a reliable path to truth..and that there are better ways to navigate the world. It is about opening minds and improving the way people think..not necessarily making as many atheists as possible.

Because religion is an emotional issue, attacking the god concept directly provokes a "shields up" response from believers, which greatly reduces the chances of persuading them. I think the more gentle tactics advocated by Boghossian can be far more effective at helping people abandon harmful ideas.

Thanks to BIll Ligertwood for the original upload. Check out his channel to see the full presentation (including Q&A) as well as many other great talks from the Imagine No Religion conferences: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

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