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simply amazing what the human mind and the scientific enterprise can do and has done...and to think most of the mathematics to map out the voyage is nothing more and nothing less than Newtonian mechanics!!! (I sometimes wish we could let giants like Newton see how their insights in to the objective nature of reality has shaped our world and the applications that we have found for such insights)

Here is an email received today from Michal Sardlon for the interest of members:

Dear Dr. Meaden,

I have noticed your post with article about Rosetta mission on

And since you are dealing with this topic, you may be interested in our project:


We are experienced creators of online space simulations

and for now we have launched  "Interactive 3D model of Rosetta mission“


It visualizes current position of spacecraft and its trajectory and all important moments.

It also contains videotour of entire mission and interesting images by ESA.

If you find it useful also for your readers, there is also possibility to embed model on website,

version for embedding looks like this:

I hope, it could be an interesting addition to future Rosetta´s articles.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Michal Sadlon




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