Sam Harris is known as one of the four horsemen - including Dennitt, Dawkins and Hitchens.  They are all proponents of science and reason.


Sam Harris has a blog and this is his latest blog post:


I was interested to hear his answer to the second question regarding his experiences travelling in India in his 20's and the impact that's had on his life.  He still meditates and promotes a type of meditation called Vipassana and then details the benefits he sees from practising this meditation.


I'm really interested in having a discussion on Meditation.


What are your thoughts about Meditation?

Have you ever practiced mediation?

Is it compatible with science and reason?

Could it be beneficial to our lives?


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in the brain acording to studies by V.s. ramachandran in san diego we see the effects as though under the influence of mild psycotropics. it showes up as a decreace of activity in the temporal and periatal lobes of the brain. similar to a mild epileptic seazure.

it is self induced brain malfunction.

for good or bad thats what it is.

what your MIND does with this is in the imagination of the individual.

I have been on both sides of this. taken psycotropics and was into deep meditation (not nesesarily at the same time ;)).

the effects after "coming out of it" ,drugs or medit., are the same. a feeling of well being, connectedness to everything and possibly a feeling that one is somehow metaphysically divine and transcendent.

I had a friend with epilepsy and he described the same feelings comming out of a siesure.

the human brain/mind is an incredibly powerfull and creative organ and is capable of masterfull logic as well as painfully corrupt bullshit and it can make us believe it all.

its all about the manipulation of brain chemistry.



thanx for the fish,


Thank you for your observations.  They are most  intriguing.




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