What makes religion so powerful in the past is because it was the only hope people have.
People faced by many problems that they don't able to anything about it , the diseases, the natural disasters , the armed conflicts and injustice .
Now science have solved all theses problems.
For disease: 99% of disease that kill human in past now controlled can be easily treated and treatment is available to every human in earth. And vaccines to protect human are for free to every single child born in earth.
For natural disasters: science now invented the transport and communication that any place in earth suffer from natural disasters will get aid immediately for free.
UN humanitarian agencies rely on charitable donations from governments and the public to respond to natural disasters, armed conflicts and other emergencies,
Without religious agenda.
Charity from religious organizations is not effective as UN , and usually these religious organization give charity to attract people to religion and not as human duty towards other human.

Human now have justice system that even god dream of we have very accurate and detailed and specialized laws, but some religious people insist to apply laws that written by ancient for specific culture in specific time and they believe these laws is best for human in all times.

Science can do more to human, only who stand in the way of science to fulfill our wishes is the religion, and that's for many reasons:

There are two types of intelligence , human intelligence and social intelligence , human intelligence is unlimited only the the social intelligence make this limit, and when the religion control the society this limitation became very tighter.
For example science now able make human with special DNA, or designer babies. But this not accepted by society, which limit the human intelligence. Even there is no need to replicate defected genes like those which have cancer, mental or physical distortion.
In society when religion have full control, even proofed theory like evolution is not accepted which decrease the intelligence of these societies.
Also religions consume a lot of human resources both brains and money, and time which used in religion practice these also decrease the overall intelligence. If these resources invested in medical or education, people will get better life.
Societies which believe in life after death do not do well in their life, because relying in better chance after death will make people do not do their best to make life better or enjoy the existing life, and sometimes they make life difficult for other people.
Religion invented for political reason, to get loyal and free military that paid after death, and give approval to commit war crimes and use children in war, these kind of war is very hard to solve because it based on fascism and the controlled by people who want dominate the earth.

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While I agree to most of your views there is one point that i do not tend to subscribe to. The religions were not invented but evolved. Every religion has evolved from previously existing religious beliefs. Some religions were lost in the process and some consumed by new religions. Most religion that can be traced to prophets or enlightened men were born in reaction to other religions oppressing acts. And the teachings in most religions consists of socially beneficial acts by members. Over the time all religions are highjacked by people with geed for power and money and that is where religions become tool of war, destruction and human sufferings. Most of the religions, in their early stages, were helpful to maintain internal harmony within society and creating moral code of conduct for members which suited those times. The religious conflicts today is probably born out of wars kings and rulers carried out for political reasons. Since in those times the religions were concentrated in different geographical areas the armies consisted of people of different faiths. Thus the political conflicts became religious conflicts. Over the time the religions are institutionalized and the institutions stared using religions for power and money. 

In my opinion the religions have lost their utility in modern world and should fade away for the good of human beings.     

Agreed that religion evolved. Richard Wright's Evolution of God is a good first book about the useful functions that religions used to play in society. Even today, several atheists acknowledge that religion sometimes brings people together in ways that atheists find hard to match. I'm thinking Penn Jillette, Richard Haynes, and others. There's a new book called Big Gods that is about the same thing, I think. So maybe some people are getting some utility out of religion. 

Thanks prem ,I like the word highjacked I should use it instead of invented , I was thinking about take old religions and sories and make new name and add new features that support the political view.

Right there with you.  I didn't waste as much in the way of resources, since I was pretty firmly an atheist, long before I turned 18.  My family was a bunch of weekly-mass Catholics, though, and I was forced to go to church until I turned 18.

Including the sleep disruptions on the weekend, it took out a chunk, until I was able to refuse.

Joseph, your experience is like mine. If you're into it, it might be a healthy way to participate in an intentional community. But if you're not into it, it's like jail.

But if you're not into it, it's like jail.

Good simile.  They share the potential for becoming a rape victim, if you include my time as an altar boy.

Some people find value in intentional, secular "unchurches" such as Ethical Societies or Sunday Assembly or some such (or even those UU congregations where both nontheists and theists are comfortable).

In fact, I'm a Sunday school teacher and coming-of-age mentor in a UU church in Seattle. Most of the kids are atheists and agnostics. 




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