About 900 meters from Stonehenge evidence of a supposed celebration (feasting rather than ritual oriented) site has been discovered.  Scientists say the evidence is of remains of what was once a ring of massive timber posts (up to 3 meters in diameter) thought to be of the same era as Stonehenge.  This with other findings would make Stonehenge a complex rather than an isolated structure.  The scientists are using ground penetrating radar to search for other sites and artifacts in the vicinity.  They will be investigating for approximately three more years.  The earliest phases of the construction of Stonehenge are thought to have occurred about 3000 BC.

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According to Wikipedia a henge is a type of Neolithic earthwork consisting of a ring of stones or timbers with an internal circular ditch surrounding a flat area within.

wasn't this on that Stonehenge documentary already? or is this a NEW woodhenge, on another location? As I remember the Stonehenge and woodhenge were built as a place to summon different tribes to feast on every sun solstice, to celebrate life and death, and probably coupling , fertility rituals etc.
Ohhh yeah. There was nothing wrong with people meeting around to procreate on ritual on those days ( as oppossed of recent milenia where Abrahamic religions took place and brought taboos, punishment , sin, etc) , since chances of survival for infants was such a big problem, and increasing the your village/ tribe numbers was always welcome.
This wooden henge is near the renowned Stonehenge.

This discussion was posted on the day of the article which suggests that the scientists had started investigating the site only two weeks earlier and discovered the remains of the wooden henge in those two weeks:

For the last fortnight curious tourists have watched scientists trundling what look like large lawnmowers around the nearby field. The geophysical equipment can peer under the surface of the earth using techniques like ground-penetrating radar, revealing structures now invisible to the human eye.

The henge was revealed within a fortnight of an international team beginning fieldwork on the three-year Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project, which aims to survey and map 14 sq km of the sacred landscape around the world's most famous prehistoric monument, which is studded with thousands more monuments from single standing stones to ploughed out burial mounds.



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