Scientists from the CERN Laboratory near Geneva are expected to make an announcement on July 4, 2012 that either the Higgs Boson (God) particle has been discovered or extremely strong evidence of its existence has been gathered. The existence of the particle has been theorized for some time on the assumption that the so called Standard Model of Physics is a valid explanation of the properties of the universe. The particle is sometimes referred to as the God particle because it is supposed to assign size, shape and mass to all of the matter in the universe. Additionally, its existence would provide for the existence of multiple universes.


Update: The awaited announcement was that a new subatomic particle has in fact been discovered that, upon thus far shallow investigation, shows similarities to the theorized Higgs Boson.

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Why don't they call it the god-damned particle as originally intended?

Good question.

For one thing, Peter Higgs, who did the original theoretical work (which must have been a BITCH!), is still alive and from where I sit, damned well deserves credit for that work!

So, where do we go from here?

We take the Standard Model of Physics all the more seriously and continue attempting to answer the question of why we exist.

The awaited announcement was that a new subatomic particle has in fact been discovered that, upon thus far shallow investigation, appears to be consistent with the theorized Higgs Boson.

BTW, if they are hedging on whether or not to come out and say, "We got the Higgs!", there's the matter of a discrepancy between Atlas and SMS detectors on the LHC.  One had the mass of the Higgs at around 125 GeV, the other at 126 GeV.  Sounds like calibration or correlation issues to me, along with the kind of reticence which you'll hear from religion only on days that don't end in "Y!"

Personally, I think this is thrilling news and can't wait to hear what else they've learned!


The Higgs should be labeled the "no god particle". If the Higgs particle or Higgs field imparts substance to the universe or, in other words, dictates that there is something rather than nothing then there is need of a god(s) to explain the existence of anything. The likely conformation of the Higgs existence will be one of the most significant events in science.

This is an exciting event.


You are wong, you do not know their, by this I mean tthe god-believer's, tenacity. They are very likely to describe this and any future discovery by saying  "goddoneit!? They will tell you that the particles would never have accelerated to such high speeds without god's helping hand, or, that the particles would never split like they did without god's hand.

Interesting article from



What If the New Particle Isn't the Higgs Boson?

Nice find! That would really make things exciting. It might lead to the unification of quantum mechanics and the Theory of Relativity.


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