A joint effort by Japanese, Russian and American scientists is underway to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth by way of cloning. Frozen mammoth tissue in good condition has been obtained from Siberia and new technology provides for the nuclei of its cells to be implanted into elephant eggs in a manner conducive to cloning. If all goes as expected a living mammoth will walk the earth in 5 to 6 years.


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I would definately pay a heavy amount of dollars to ride a mammoth.
I disagree..... anything that advances science potentially(and most probably) will ultimately help mankind; who knows maybe mammoth burgers will be better than crabby patty's

Why resurrect the mammoth ?.....

because we can.... because this is the, or at least a, next logical step in genomic research.

Scientists must stick to their amoral high ground.

Yes one must consider the consequences of what one does... but to not do it because of fear someone will use it in not so great ways or it will damage the world if it goes too far is a no go argument  in my book;

Take gunpowder as an example. it has killed untold numbers of people, extinct species and maimed many more.  But it has also fed the masses, moved mountains and been the great equalizer in many a dispute.

Science expands knowledge period. To not go the next step with the mammoth may not be the end of the earth, but then again maybe the way to save it will come out of the research.

Simply AWESOME!!!
Science does not need a purpose.  Knowledge is amoral.  
Channeling science to work only for utilitarian purposes is a sure way to weaken science and the simple desire "to know."  Many significant discoveries have ocurred through serendipity.  We can't simply close off an area of research because it don't seem to be useful, because it may turn out to be useful tomorrow.  Why do you want to limit knowledge?  Directing research towards solving problems is not often the most efficient way to accomplish something.  How many decades has it been since we launched a war on cancer?  No, all resarch is good.  If they build a mammoth, maybe we'll discover a way to regenerate lost arms and legs.  Who knows. 
I think most of the problems you would give a higher priorty are those which could easily be solved by money and commitment.  There are very simple, cheap water filters that could prevent diseases in Africa and other countries, but how do you distribute them in a place like Sudan?  The world would be a perfect place to live if it was a perfect place to live.
Sounds cool, there is no obvious way an animal such as a mammoth could escape containment so I am all for this.
Thank you back Tezcatlipoca I appreciate the compliment.
To simply put things into perspective:

Cloning, of any kind, would great for the whole of the entire earth. I couldn't list every advantage if i wanted to there are so many. We all know the main reason it isnt as advanced as it should be. Imagine how the world would be if we had just been more open minded in the past. No hunger, death from war would greatly decrease, wars may have even been avoided, the regrowth of limb for those who lost them or never had them, much of the disease would be most likely cureable, maybe even the cure for aids and/or cancer lies with stem cell reasearch. This is what angers me about religion and the "you shouldnt play god" idea. How many people in our lives and the past could have lived a longer life with this technology? But because those in charge mostly choose to believe in religion and have this thought that stem cell research is bad and anti-god, lots have perished where they should have not. This is what makes me an Anti-Theist.
Riding a mammoth would be so epic. Cloning would be a huge advance for health science.
I hear you.


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