Scanning by X-ray computer-imaging tomography has revealed in great detail the face of a 49-million year old spider fossilised in almost-opaque Baltic amber.

Tell that to the shut-eyed, wont-listen, closed-mind creationists---and their pitiable, luckless, innocent children. 


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I have tried. I think it would be easier to explain creationist to the 4 million year old spider.

No, no, no!  This is what the ancient face is revealed to be.


Speaking seriously, it's wonderful that technology can pick up that detailed an image through opaque amber.

Hmmm... Fox News... sides against the young earth baloney?

I love amber. I have a piece that was given to me with a mosquito and several ants inside. I was told it was thought to be several million years old. How can you look at something that ancient without feeling a little in awe. Also  this is considered to be a very young piece. South America I believe the older deposits are in Europe, 40 to 60 million years old.

that is soooooooooooo cool!

wait..........I know him!!!!!!

That is pretty damn cool, extraordinary

I know this is a significant event for paleontology, but that face will haunt my dreams tonight :(

Mind if I borrow this picture?  I've got a few relatives I want to scare the shit out of.

You can wake a person who is sleeping but not a person who is pretending to sleep. No doubt, their pretending is very annoying. After thinking a lot about their attitude, I sometimes feel that instead of defending science before them, we should ask them to develop their own science and prove their claims. They must state their mathematics like Einstein has done, they must preserve and display the records of their experiments etc. They should develop their own instruments like the antenae for observing the universe. Their failure itself will be a proof against them. This sounds a little childish, but that is how we have to deal with people whose brains are not yet fully developed. They may become defensive if the ball is thrown in their court.





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