Scientists say a partial skull thought to be 28 million years old discovered in Saudi Arabia has both monkey and ape characteristics.  The finding with other information suggests that monkeys and apes diverged from a common ancestor between 29 and 24 million years ago.  The July 15th issue of Nature has the story cover featured. 

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That is rather cool. Another point for evolution!
It's going to become more and more difficult for the theist community to deal with evolution.
The implications of this will soar over theist's heads like a stealth bomber on speed.
Thats only 'cause sii-ance aint showd us no croco-monkey!
It's funny, I always thought Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort were perfect examples of transitional forms.
From human to jackass?
Well, I wouldn't have put it anywhere near that politely, but something along those lines :P
I thought that DNA method of dating is accurate. Isn't it possible this is a cousin of our common ancestor between apes and monkeys? Maybe a second fossil will show some characteristics not found in monkeys and apes.

I'm not sure how the DNA method works. Do they have to associate the DNA with dated archeological finds?
Molecular clock dating is basically a dating technique resting on the assumption that mutation rates within genetic codes and, consequently, proteins are more or less regular and steady over time. That, at least, was the first formulation of the model and was greeted quite coldly right from the start. It was immediately clear that quasi-constant mutation rates are only witnessed in in vitro bacterial cultures, that is, in highly controlled environments. Newer models attempt to take into account more varied mutation rates and changes in demographics (e.g. caused by bottleneck events that drastically reduce populations), but as a rule of thumb molecular clock dating is only useful when combined with other dating methods.
It already is extremely difficult. The only things that they can do at this point are to immu-doctinate their youths against the name evolution and try to keep them isolated from it. Once the science gets any of them, it's too late and they have to be quarantined, sequestered, and shunned.

And it's not theists exactly but an esoteric subset thereof--indeed, the "evolution = not religion" thing is their shtick.
C'mon guys, you should know this. Fossils are god's test for our faith. Oh, and radiometric dating is very inaccurate.
As the philosphical song of the ages (concerning Darwin's speculation) goes:
" I'm no kin to the monkey no no no,
The monkey's no kin to me yeah yeah yeah,
I don't know much about his ancestors,
But mine didn't swing from a tree."
Truely stirring. L Ron be praised!




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