Just been reading a fascinating article in the Daily Mail on the latest discoveries regarding the evolution of the turtles shell. New information has been revealed since the discovery last year of the world's oldest turtle fossils in China dating back 220 million years with only a half formed shell on their backs. The previous earliest fossils had fully formed shells and were found in Germany dating from 210 million years ago.

This new discovery provides the missing lnk and indicates that the shells were an outgrowth of the ribs and backbone, and that the undershell was the first to develop, indicating they were aquatic rather than land based.

HERE is the link to the full article.

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Excellent. We are glad that you contributed this item.
China is such a huge country with very ancient rocks that its scientists will go on making major finds in the realm of evolution for many centuries into the future.
We were discussing this on Pharyngula and Richard Dawkins site recently.
Beautiful thing eh?
One more transitional fossil, two more gaps in the fossil record. Blah!
Well lets chuck that into the already huge mountain of evidence
I think that mountain is so big that its already unstable. Lets use it to start another mountain.




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