Doesn't the new testament bible talk about aquarius/ganymede. So to me the new testament is no better then the old testament like many liberal fluffy loving xtians proclaim think. I'm trying to research negative things about the new testament any help would be great:) One thing I found out while researching human sacrifice within christianity is that their is some evidence that the bible was edited to change the fact that Isaac was actually sacrificed.

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Well it's worth asking the questions - because then you get heaps of answers and it can help to make your own mind up :)

I can honestly say that I have never read a religious text, bible or book in my life. Born an atheist to atheist parents, I never really had to or was inclined to.

You may think that this makes me ignorant to any debate that discusses a bible and perhaps so. But it simply does not interest me in the same way I do not read a Sydney Sheldon book, I am not interested in his writing or his stories and I see it the same way with bibles etc.

I have lived my life as a good human at least the best I could be. I am no more of a bad person than anyone else and having not read any religious texts in my whole entire life, I think this proves that you do not 'need' any of these things to live your life as a good person. Common sense shall always prevail.

I have learnt enough of the bible from other people, whether they are christian or otherwise and have not as yet been able to make sense out if any of it. Hypocrisy and fantasy from an age that no longer applies to our modern world, should not shape our society as it does in this day and age. Things have changed and so have we and when you get down to the nitty gritty, the bible is moot in our everyday lives. I always say, my being an atheist is proof that god does not exist.

There two really good reasons for reading the Bible.  Arguing the Bible with theists and understanding Shakespeare.


Check out these websites.  You should find plenty to work with.

I haven't looked at them thoroughly, but they do reference the verse
in the Bible, which ultimately will be your source document.

I'm curious to see what indicates that Isaac was actually sacraficed?

I'm curious to see what indicates that Isaac was actually sacraficed?

I don't see how it matters.  It sets the precedent that a human sacrifice might be expected, and we should be ready to provide one.  This is the religion that deals in thought crime.  A willingness to do so is as good as actually doing so.

 christians cried about the scientific foundings of the shroud of turin today But Their is no proof that Jesus was the one in the shroud since many gods from the pagan religions were crucified. So who is the person in the shroud? Not only that but the new testament is not moral. Joseph Mccabe an ex catholic priest has written a lot about how the christian church has promoted awful things like slavery and sexism towards women.

In a nutshell this shroud of turin story is pseudo science nonsense. If this is the best that christians can do its sad. That they would believe in a god that would want them to believe in pseudo science is sad.

Holy crap, what a crock.  Heh.  Okay, fine, give us a few threads from the center, near the imprint.  When we discover that those threads, which couldn't have possibly been from a 'repair' job, are also from the same time period, can we finally admit that it's a complete fraud?




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