OK, you're a powerful and clever alien hovering over the earth. You have the ability to switch off the need for God, belief in him and all evidence of previous belief. Do you do it and if so why?

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Yes.  I think the world would be a better place if people weren't delusional. 

No!  The species Homo sapiens is created with a brain, capable of reasoning and decision making.  Just because the species fails incredibly at using this capacity does not mean an alien should turn off the "need for God".  It would be nice if an alien turned on our critical thinking capacity, but even that would take away individual choice and responsibility as to the process of thinking or not.  Belief that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west every day of the year, year after year, century after century, is grounded on evidence.  Belief that some higher power answers prayers does not stand up to scrutiny. 


I would have been overjoyed if my prayers for safety in my own home were answered by an end in beatings, I would have rejoiced and celebrated with shouts of "God does answer prayers"!  Since that did not happen, I came to realize that no spirit, no mystical power, no pope or potentate could do the job that needed to be done.  I had to take charge of my/our safety, make decisions I did not want to make, and live with the consequences of raising three children with income from minimum wage jobs and very little financial support from the father of these children.  


Frankly, I experienced the awareness that my problems were not mine alone, but many families face similar challenges and our cultural institutions, (families, church, education, health care, financial opportunities) do not adequately support women and children in such dilemmas and the changing mood of the country does not make it better.  In fact, the power to make healthy decisions about one's own body and the welfare of the family becomes crippled as women lose the power of control over their reproductive health.  

"I would have been overjoyed if my prayers for safety in my own home were answered by an end in beatings"

Joan,  Having read your always enlightening posts, I had some idea of your past but did not know it was that bad.  Am so happy that you've found your way out of that horrible, Bronze-age patrimony hell and into the modern world.  Am sure you celebrated, along with millions of others, Wed. when the results of the Mississippi's Prop. 26, the hateful 'Personhood Amendment', was STOMPED by over 12-percentage-points!  YES!  Those cowardly little punks, the Personhood USA gangsters, can crawl back under their rock where they can beat their wives and children in anonymity - but not in public.  Those miscreants got BEAT.  Schooled.  Bad.  Pure & simple.

And the women in this country won - Big Time.

As far as aliens and enlightenment go, a little too woo-woo for me.  I'll second you, Joan: it's up to the individual and his/her self-respect to turn off the faith blinders and listen to your own reason through critical thinking, not some guy in a flying saucer.

It's not that hard and even, kinda, sorta, FUN!   Certainly better than sitting in a church, listening to some grifter's venture-capital pitch for J-Boy & Godsey's portfolio.

No, on principle alone I think people can be reasoned with. Why stop at religion if you'll alter beliefs and what they will accept as factual, right or wrong?

I guess it would depend on the motives of the alien.  If you are hoping to get something from the earthlings (some resource only found on the 3rd rock that you need, food, etc.) it might be useful that many people believe in a god or gods and use it to your advantage. 


If the alien wants to improve life for humans on this planet, getting rid of the god "chip" may be helpful.  Just think how much extra money there would be to get food and medicine to those without if there were no churches?

If you switch off the need for God - you might also switch off the need for intimacy, love, protection etc, which may well end in a break down of society.  Homo sapiens have these needs because they are what bonds us together as a group to care for and protect each other.


Also, God is an early science - and imagination is what drives our ability to come up with new stories about how the world works - we imagine an idea and then trial and test it under scientific conditions - this is how we evolve our scientific understanding.


Although I think that God of the Hebrews was originally created not only to explain why and how we are here, but also to bring together a community under common laws.  All of these ideas are important to our species.


If we could somehow show everyone that God was no longer needed to fulfil this role - that would be a good thing.  But I don't think many people would accept this simple way of viewing the world.

Although saying that the belief in God retards us as a species greatly - and stunts our growth and individual development in thought.

We'll say for arguments sake that it doesn't effect intimacy, love, protection or imagination etc.

Yes, you would absolutely do it - because the belief in God retards our learning.  God is a full stop on science - 


Christopher Hitchens - "I will pray for you" - answer "I will think for YOU"...

aliens are only after one thing...naaa I would fight them!

They have a cloaking device and there is no means to detect them. Besides they have evolved beyond greed and violence and are here to help us progress, from their point of view.

Any notion of a Lord God is an unspeakable abomination, the most dangerous abomination the most loathsome pestilance...VI Lenin. Yes if it was possible to obliterate all knowledge of god I think I would tend towards Lenin here, because I was a christian and I know how this idiotic mind set limits and thwarts true independence of thought. In my opinion its not a harmless pastime with good intentions and many virtues, but backward and embarassing...if and probably when alien life meets humanity we will be clear of all primitive concepts and will be an interstellar race capable of harnessing the power of the many suns and also capable as a race of true eternal life.




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