Men and women have different evolutionary lines both in body and mind.
Competition for best partner "sexual selection" help in evolving our intelligence but each sex take different path, but the complexity of intelligence is same or equal in both sex.
There is no differences in intelligence between males and females on average.

Men use their intelligence to show-off their skillful and women uses their intelligence to pick the right man.
Making choice is very complex process in women, some times it's painful, like in shopping, - so men please do your women favor and chose for them the restaurants , place to go, the roads etc and give the reasons so they can save their choosing power for important things - such as choosing you and improve the overall intelligence of human.
At first making choice was easy for female it was done by the good looking and healthy body, good looking at that time indication of intelligence and honesty but with time according to Geoffrey Mille, Miller argues that during human evolution, “sexual selection seems to have shifted its primary target from body to mind.” It is sexual selection, therefore, that is responsible for the astonishingly large human brain, an organ whose peculiar capacities wildly exceed survival needs on the African savannahs".
Women are the selecting agent for intelligence of human, and that require women itself have to be intelligent, so both led lines lead to same intelligence.

Because the most painful things for women to make them chose between things like to chose
between man with comfortable home and one who is risk taker, so some times women take both at the same time which causes infidelity, but this has nothing to do with women it's evolution, so it's not something personal.
Evolution explain everything in our life, I think the evolution theory is most important theory in human history, it free us from all.

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Hi Luara,

This is only hypothesis a theory among many theories, there is classic theory and there is social theory of and social mind, you can chose any theory that you feel comfortable with it, we are not like religious people who cling in one book and blind our mind,

but I want to remind you that we evolved as hunter-gathers and evolution go in one direction it can not go back, food in the past was not easy to get it requiring running after animals all the day, and children may die with hunger in fierce winters.

now you can support your self by setting in your desk.

but still women chose men the same way 30,000 years ago, and at that time woman have one shot to chose her partner, she want him to support her and protect her and make sure that he will not leave, choosing for her is matter of life or death, if she choose the wrong guy then he may left her pregnant with kids in cave and never come back. they do not think like you now. but they left their genetic in you and , you can not change that.

Choosing wrong guy mean death, but now it means only single mother and you have other chances, without risking your existing children because back then new man kill the other man's kids, the food resources was limited why he support other offspring.

and love only invented by women to make sure her partner will never leave. the male who do not present tender part was extinct and also the wild one extinct, in the other hand the very week one extinct ,the one in between survive.

for gays its genetic mix of XXY the male chromosome mixed with female chromosome  and its complicated because both genes of male and fame act in one person , but one of them acting more. and here I'm talking only about pure male and female.

I personally like this theory and it works for me in any culture.

People are very complicated and a simple models like what you're talking about, even if they're valid, only predict a tendency to behave in a certain way. 

A very important part of mate selection is that one's mate tends to have a personality like the personality of one's parent of that gender.  Or possibly like the personality of the other-gender parent. 

That is totally different from the kinds of selection you're talking about. 

With regards to gays, there are plenty of gay men who don't have an XXY chromosome.  And there are also gay women. 

let make things clear here

The theory is not about how mating selection works, its about

"mate selection is cause of human intelligence" or 

"Sexual selection is main reason for human intelligence"

because mate selection = sexual selection

its not the surviving what make us smart not the social complexity because they require less intelligence.

and the selecting agent are women not the men.

because woman have the final call of who is the father.

"Mama's Baby, Papa's Maybe"

how she decides the father was different from NOW, the theory only concern when inelegance evolve when the size of brain grow from 600 to a volume of around 1130 cubic centimeters (cm3) in women and 1260 cmin men, and that happen long time ago.

This is an example of not having free will. There are unconscious memories in us that pump information to our conscious brain and we act on them. Free will is a construct created by human beings for religious and political reasons. For one, it gets god off the hook, especially when bad things happen to good people. We do not have free will, in my opinion. 

Absolutely , check this experiment

I await eagerly my first exposure to the biologist Jacques Monod, whose friendship and exchange of ideas with the novelist, Albert Camus, are the subjects of a new double biography (their lives interlapped and they were friends). Anyway, typical of a biologist, Monod posited that only aleatory events have any explanation of why we are born as we are, where we are, with what color skin, &c., something I intuited at some point in life by saying, "We are all accidents of birth." We have a certain amount of freedom of will, but it always will be dictated to by that accident.



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