The space telescope, Kepler, has discovered exoplanets that formed 11.2 billion years ago. To put this into perspective the universe formed 13.75 billion years ago and the earth formed 4.7 billion years ago. Although the exoplanets are rocky like the earth they are too hot to support life. However, the fact that it was possible for exoplanets to form this long ago means that there might be some in the universe with life on them that has had 5 or 6 billion years longer than us to have evolved. If such life exists the probability is high that it would have extremely advanced technology (because of the tremendous amount of time it would have had to develop it). There are 100 billion exoplanets in the Milky Way alone so there are an unfathomable number of exoplanets in the universe. Therefore, it is well within reason that life far more advanced than ours exists in many places of the universe and might exist in the Milky Way itself. Per the article:

 ....if rocky planets formed 11.2 billion years ago around other stars, could there be a few that did have just the right conditions for life to be sparked? If so, could alien life have already come and gone in our galaxy’s history? Or could this ancient life be persisting for, potentially, 10 billion years after it first formed?,,,,

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