Genetic analysis of 7,000 year old human remains found in northern Spain indicate they belonged to a blue eyed man who was remarkably dark skinned. Per the article:


The first whole human genome from the bones of a southern European who lived before farming shows he was blue-eyed, dark skinned, lactose-intolerant, and well equipped to fight diseases...."We tend to think both things (skin and eye color) are related, but they are different genes," Carles Lalueza-Fox explained....Just how dark the La Braña man was is impossible to say, Lalueza-Fox told Discovery News, but it's clear he was much darker than modern Spaniards and that his genome is quite unlike that of the modern population level Spanish genome.


The results were published on 1-26-14 in the journal, Nature.

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John, thanks for sharing this find. Very interesting. New information for me, including very dark skin and blue eyes. I just assumed sunlight made the difference in both. I thought lactose-intolerance developed after starting to drink milk of other species. So much to learn! 

Glad you like it.




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