Leading into the 2009 celebration of Darwin's birth and the separate anniversary of the publication of The Origin of Species, Stanford University held, in the final months of 2008, a 10 week lecture course on Darwin and his legacy.

These lectures, given by distinguished and notable experts in their respective fields, have now been uploaded to youtube, including the discussion panels that follow each lecture and the highly informative Q&A sessions.

It is no exaggeration to say this is a phenomenal opportunity to have access to instructive material from leading thinkers on evolution and the impact of evolutionary thought on a multitude of disciplines.

Now, a word of caution: each file, including the lecture, discussion and Q&A is up to 2 hours long. So set some time aside to give these videos the attention they deserve and enjoy them because they really are wonderful and absolutely worth the time spent to listen closely

On a personal note, I've been listening to them at night before bed and I've just completed Dan Dennet's quiet amazing lecture drawing out the links in philosophical discourse between the "strange inversion" of evolution and comparing this to similar events in computer technology and the parallels that are to be found between this and evolution in nature.

So I confess, I have not watched these all before-hand as I type this, but quite honestly if the next six are even half as good as the first four (especially Eugenie Scott's perfect explication of the three domains in the Q&A following her lecture) I shall be extremely pleased. And it is my simple pleasure to upload these to the Origins group so that you can share in this, and I hope that you can derive as much enjoyment and insight from it as I feel I have already so far.



Lecture 1: "Darwin's Own Evolution" with Robert Siegel and "Darwin's Data" with William Durham

Lecture 2: "Evolution vs. Creationism" with Eugenie Scott.

Lecture 3: "A biography on Charles Darwin" with Janet Browne

Lecture 4: "The philosophical importance of Darwin's theory of evolution." with Dan Dennett

Lecture 5: "How and why species multiply: speciation and hybridisation." with Peter and Rosemary Grant.

Lecture 6: "Darwin's life and work" with Niles Eldredge

Lecture 7: "The history and consequences of social Darwinism" with Melissa Brown

Lecture 8: "Darwin's legacy in medicine and infectious disease" with Paul Ewald.

Lecture 9: "Evolution, Brain and Behaviour" with Russell Fernald

Lecture 10: "Learning to see Darwinian ways of meaning" with George Levine

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I don't think one exists, sadly.

And I'm glad you took something useful away from these. They are terrific!
Just watched the first. Fantastic! Find the time...who needs to watch another celebrity get sober competition?

Aren't they though? I learnt so much about these when I saw them last year, I'm glad as we come near to the 12th again people are revisiting them and getting some enjoyment out them.
Thank you for posting links to all 10 lectures. I'll watch them with great interest.


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