Norwegian scientists have confirmed that a single celled currently surviving species of organism discovered in the sludge of a lake near Oslo evolved approximately a billion years ago. Per the article:


The elusive, single-cell creature evolved about a billion years ago and did not fit in any of the known categories of living organisms - it was not an animal, plant, parasite, fungus or alga, they say.

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Thats just cool!

Funny. It even looks like Joan Collins.

I like the part where he says that once it gets fed, cannibalism is the "order of the day".

Now that sounds like an ancestor of mine!!

What i get from this is, when we finally get probes off to Titan, Europa etc', there is every chance that if there is life there then scientists will recognise it & then we get to watch religious literalists (& the rest) squirm as they try to tell us they knew all along because it clearly states in the Bible/Koran (whatever) such & such about life on other worlds. Then make videos about it & post them on You Tube, lol.


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